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Star Trek Online: The Next Next Generation

Cryptic must really be feeling the pressure with their upcoming Star Trek MMO - it now has to both live up to the success of JJ Abram's Pretty People In Space reboot and shrug off the so-so reviews which their last game, Champions Online, is tarred with. Their most recent response, oddly, is to really play up to the Star Trek hardcore...

As the below reveals, it directly follows on from the last Picard'n'chums movie, thus continues the long-standing timeline that the new Star Trek movie effectively calls a halt to. So, olden Trek-types will be glad to hear that STO brings resolution/continuance of the Romulan conflict, the re-outing of the Klingons as this universe's Third Reich, and lots of very specific stardates. Presumably we’ll find out what happened to Jean Luc et al within the game at some point, too...
So, enthusiastic geekery from Cryptic below, replete with a splodge of pre-beta footage. Good news for the Trek devout, but I won’t be at all surprised if the marketing shifts to bigger, broader action as the release date gets closer.

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Additionally, here's a new trailer that IGN snaffled, which is a little more like the recent cinematic revamp"


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