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Star Trek Online players held a torchlight vigil for Aron Eisenberg

Fitting tribute

Deep Space Nine actor Aron Eisenberg passed away this weekend. He played Nog, the put upon nephew of Quark the bartender and the first Ferengi to join Star Fleet. In Star Trek Online, he's made captain.

Nog's a wholesome character in a deeply wholesome show, which is partly why I found the in-game vigil players held for Eisenberg so touching.

The ceremony took place in Quark's bar, with players holding their torches aloft as a gesture of respect. I see the language of in-game emotes as a valid way to commemorate the life of an actual person. You might get people /dancing or making glib jokes, but that's all mixed in with heartfelt tribute. I like to think /dancing and glib jokes are meant as heartfelt tribute, for some.

The header image is courtesy of Reddit user "themadprofessor1976", one of two players who organised the event. "I spread the word via Discord, Zone, Armada, Fleet, KDFDefera, and FedDefera about it, and it was amazing how many people came to show their respects with such short notice", he commented. "I know that Aron would have been amazed to see the turnout we had."

As Reddit user "Natalia-A-Romanoff" points out, similar in-game tributes have been paid to Leonard Nimoy and Carrie Fisher.

Cheers for spotting this, PC Gamer.

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