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Star Trek Online doubles down on Cadet Tilly in Mirror Of Discovery

Yes. She's really called Captain Killy.

Star Trek Online is getting good mileage out of Discovery co-star Mary Wiseman. In their next big update on January 23rd - Mirror Of Discovery - players of the free-to-play MMO will be able to visit the mustache-twirlingly evil mirror universe in several new Discovery era quests. Yes, that means we get to meet Cadet Tilly's comically villainous counterpart, the feared Captain Killy. Yes, really. Killy was missing (presumed dead) in the TV series, but the game now confirms that she's alive, well and a great opportunity for Wiseman to chew on some scenery.

Somehow, Star Trek Online's timeline has become convoluted enough to enable multiple timelines and clashing empires to get involved in the same episodic quest-lines. Still, the fact that it's growing and soon to run in parallel with the latest Star Trek TV series isn't bad for an initially-wonky nine-year-old MMO. The Mirror Of Discovery update will include two new episodes set on and around the planet Pahvo, the idyllic forest world first seen in Discovery. The first of these episodes picks up that story arc 150 years later, although I'd not be surprised if time travel is involved too.

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Other than the new episodes, the Mirror Of Discovery update will introduce the Personal Endeavours System, a daily challenge/achievement log that you tick stuff off for rewards and boosts. To celebrate Star Trek Online's coming 9th anniversary, they'll also be running a global event with a nice reward. Hoover up enough Omega Particles around the galaxy and you can trade them in for a tier-six Vulcan scout ship as seen in Discovery. Personally, I'm just in this for Tilly and, err, Killy, who I hope get a chance to talk with each other - that's half the fun of mirror universes, after all.

The Mirror Of Discovery update goes live for Star Trek Online on January 23rd. The second season of the show starts on CBS on the 17th. The game is free to play, and you can grab it on Arc publisher Perfect World's platform Arc here, or on Steam here.

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