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Zombie Shooter 2: May Contain Zombies

I had a bit of a lost weekend with Team Sigma's pint-sized genocide Zombie Shooter earlier this year, leading some to wonder why the hell I was talking about that when the sequel was on its way. Well, I'm mad, stupid, tardy and obstinate. What of it? More importantly, Zombie Shooter 2 has now arrived, as prophesied by The Ancient Men Of RPS Comments Threads. But whatever could it be about?

It's about shooting zombies, stupid. It's picked simultaneously the best and worst time it could possibly come out - in the midst of global zombie fever, but also at a time when a quaint little 2D game will fight to stand out from all those shiny 3D thingies. Still, I suspect these things are designed for long-tail success - picking up idle bucks from Steam over a period of years.

Though it's not on Steam yet - you'll need to buy direct from Team Sigma. There's a free demo, which you can unlock into the full shebang if you so wish. I did not particularly so wish, alas.

Clearly it's more of the same, though there's a more expanded inventory/stats system, and a section where you grab a mega-gun on the top of a car being driven by an illiterate NPC. Despite these additions, I couldn't raise much enthusiasm for having ostenstibly the same experience again, though I am curious as to whether/how Team Sigma can top their previous mega-deathtolls later in the game.

Perhaps it's because it's not what I'm looking for at the moment (what am I looking for? Well, it'd need to be at least 80 foot tall with laserbeams for eyes), or perhaps it's because its ambition and its engine aren't entirely matched. The characters just seem a bit silly and superimposed to mine eye. The awful, awful writing was the real deal-breaker for me, but then I'm a nasty little fusspot about such things - and hey, this ain't exactly a game anyone's playing for the words, right? I won't be at all surprised if I find myself cheerily causing a new zombie apocalypse in a few months when I've run out of other gun frenzies to while away the deskbound hours.

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