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Pray Continue Living For Speed

I know as much about Live For Speed as I do about the breeding patterns of platypii (or indeed as I do about the correct plural form of 'platypus'), but I do know that when I worked on a gaming magazine, there was a constant trickle of faintly aggressive email demands that we cover this ultra-serious racing sim. Alright! Please don't hurt me, Mr Racing Man!

Still, it was immediately evident that this was an ambitious and accomplished project. I can only presume that a fair few RPSites have dabbled in it, hence it's worth pointing out that a new version has just [driving-related verb] onto the [road-related noun].

Currently, it's Live For Speed S2, version Z25. The major bullet points of which are these:

- Improved car shadows
- New wheel drawing system
- Improved road car dashboards
- ABS brakes on some road cars
- Improved and much faster List of Hosts
- Powerful and flexible multiple screen support

LFS has been around for a while in various impressive forms, continually developed and improved by a group of genuine enthusiasts. It's beyond terrifying to me, because it says things like "you have to do the driving" with 'you' in capital letters. I'm glad LFS is out there, profoundly scratching the itches of people who crave science-perfect racing- it's a truly impressive engine, doing car-based physics par excellence. But I'd be a massive, awful liar if I pretended to understand it and wrote a breathlessly excited preview based on what Google tells me. So, all I want to do is point those who are interested in it at it. Like so.

Here's a fan video based around a slightly older version. Pop!

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