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February 2012 Archive

    1. Hoo-Ray! Rayman Origins Demo Hits Steam
    2. Wot I Think - Analogue: A Hate Story
    3. Sim City 5 Is Founded
    4. Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Given March 9 Lift-Off
    5. Waving A Flag For Turn-Based Combat: The Banner Saga
    6. He Shoots Dead People, All The Time: Corril Slayer
    7. Die Nasty: Bigpoint's A Game Of Thrones MMO
    8. Wot I Think: 1000 Amps
    9. Gaming Piracy: Try Pirates Of New Horizons
    10. The pain you're experiencing, inability to use your hands to type and resultant recovery period should ensure that you won't sour the Analogue thread for those who actually want to talk about the game usefully. Hooray!
    11. Well, alternatively instead just stay out the Analogue thread entirely so that those of us who are interested in it can have a decent chat uninterrupted by pointless bluster.Thanks!
    12. Now, Plunge Both Your Hands Right Into It
    13. Wait Until It's Really, Really Hot - Bubbling Over And Everything
    14. Boil A Pan Of Water
    15. And you're absolutely inflexible about that? Even if I told you the game was really good and that you only ever see two characters, set against essentially all-white backgrounds, so there's really only a small degree of That Sort Of Thing?
    16. Hands On: End Of Nations
    17. The Legend Of Dead Kel Expands Amalur By 15%
    18. Got Space For Another F2P MMO? Here's Nexus Conflict
    19. EA Pulling Mass Effect 3 From GAME
    20. Hands On: Risen 2: Dark Waters
    21. Cloud Gaming: Microsoft Flight Is Out Today, Free
    22. Livelock: Interstellar Marines' Deadlock
    23. New Baldur's Gate Website Suggests Remake, Sequel?
    1. Gravity Bone's Sequel: Thirty Flights Of Loving
    2. Signs Of Intelligent Life: J.U.L.I.A. Demo
    3. Uncle Enclosure: Antichamber
    4. Mojang Making Moves To Support Minecraft Modding
    5. Today's Anti-Game Rotters Are Paymate
    6. Get Set For Jet Set Radio PC
    7. Beaming: FTL Is The Star Trek Game I've Always Wanted
    8. Interview: Tim Schafer On Adventures
    9. To The Axed Cave! Gotham By Gaslight
    10. Wub Wub Otherland Wub Wub
    11. A Fortnight Of IGF Demos Starts On Onlive Today
    12. Dendrophile's Dream: The Old Tree
    13. Island Hopping: Lemma
    1. The RPS Verdict - Jagged Alliance: Back In Action
    2. After Six Years D&D Online Gets An Expansion
    3. Wot I Think: Dark Strokes - Sins Of The Father
    4. Boggle Battles: Spellirium
    5. All The Mass Effect 3 DLC Costs How Much?
    6. First-Person Shiner: 12 Mins Of Nexuiz
    7. A Game With A Point - Flatland: Fallen Angle
    8. Kicking Up The Dust: Fargo On Wasteland
    9. Interview: Tim Schafer On Kickstarter, Passion And Dads
    10. Be Thrilled By Diablo 3's Skillls
    11. Lunacy Unleashed: Lunar Flight
    12. Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert Gabbin' About Games
    13. Herp Derp Fortress: Notch's TF2 RTS Demake
    14. Pen-t Up Anticipation: The Missing Ink Goes Live-Ish
    15. The Hills Are Alive: Proteus Beta Release
    1. The MMOnitor: CCP and Eve
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think: Unity Of Command - Stalingrad Campaign
    2. A Beautiful PlanetSide 2: Time Lapse Design Video
    3. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City On PC May 18th
    4. Voices In The Shadows: The Secret World Interview
    5. Breaking Formation: Debug Formulation
    6. Also, Guess What You Do In Crashtastic?
    7. Hera Worship: Apotheon Is The Prettiest Of Pretties
    1. Wot I Think: Syndicate Co-Op
    2. Wot I Think: Syndicate (Singleplayer)
    3. Idle Musing: The Joy Of Unwinnable Skirmishes
    4. Saints Row The Third's "Gangstas In Space"
    5. Build Titans For Drunken Robot Pornography
    6. Reminder: Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign Up Ends 6pm GMT
    7. Boss: Metal Gear Solid Returning To The PC
    8. The Flare Path: Asparagus Tips
    9. Hands-On: The Secret World
    10. Ascii What You Did: Syndicate Dev's Message To Pirates
    11. Oceans Apart: Planetside 2 Region Locked?
    12. Arma 3 Playable Alpha Coming Post E3
    13. Guess What You Do In Medal of Honor: Warfighter?
    14. Hexy Beast: Fray (Doesn't, Sorry) Get A Handsome Alpha Demo
    1. Grumpy In Hi-Res: First Max Payne 3 PC Screenshots
    2. Escape! Escape! Embracing Skippable Combat
    3. Indie Royale Serves Up The Alpha Collection
    4. Wait For The (Bullet) Drop: Sniper Elite V2 Killcam Video
    5. Forget Amnesia: Anna's A Creepy FPS Adventure Game
    6. Wot I Think: Crusader Kings II
    7. Fly My Pretties: AION Goes F2P On 28th Feb
    8. GAME To Close 35 More Stores, Shut
    9. Alpha Dog Fight: World Of Warplanes
    10. One For Me, Thanks - Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory
    11. Sins Of A Dark Age: The World's First F2PMOBARTS
    12. Synchronised Spinning: Co-Op
    13. Dear Esther Devs Making Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
    14. Thought: Mass Effect's Day One DLC Explained, Pondered
    1. Guild Wars 2 Opens Beta Sign-Ups For 48 Hours
    2. Ubering Catacomb Snatch
    3. Don't Be Oreful: BlackSpace
    4. Wargame: European Escalation On The Brink
    5. Swoop In The Tribes: Ascend Beta This Friday
    6. Hard Choices: The Only 4 Monitors You Should Buy
    7. Ride The Light: Waveform On Its Way To Steam
    8. Borderlands 2 Promises 96.5% More WUB WUB, Sept 18th
    9. Terraria Dev: "Time to move on"; Fans: "Nooooooo!"
    10. Snot Bad At All: Swindler
    11. Lair Liar: Keep Your Word To Complete Promises
    12. Former Artsy BioWare Devs Creating The Banner Saga
    13. CS: GO, GO, GO: Full Beta, New Weapons And Maps
    14. Edging Closer: The Journey Down Receives HD Remake
    15. Character Assassination: Hitman Absolution's Cast
    1. The Secret World Opens Up On June 19th
    2. Hard Choices: 8 Things You Should Know About Monitors
    3. Gathering Together Guild Wars 2 Beta Looksies
    4. Pecubular Combat: Cube World
    5. GSC Enter The Good Old Games Zone
    6. Get Some Spec Ops: The Line in June
    7. Decrypting & Dehairing Frictional's 'A Machine For Pigs'
    8. The Neverending Stairway: SCP-087
    9. Impressions – ShootMania: Storm
    10. Combattlemissnormanwealthforce Videos
    11. Slim, Fast: Tetris & Snake In 140 Bytes
    12. You May Enter The Realm Of The Mad God Via Steam
    13. Nihilistic Entertainment System: Retro City Rampage
    14. Victory Of The Sonic Muse: Fract
    1. Free To Stomp: MechAssault Devs' Reign Of Thunder
    2. We Should Have Seen This Coming: Telepath Released
    3. A Snippet Of Snapshot
    4. Jurassic Jetpacks - ORION: Dino Beatdown
    5. Glad Fandango: Double Fine Kickstarter Tops $2m
    6. 20 Goto Hell In Code Hero
    7. Alan Wakes Up A Rich Man
    8. Diablolike, Free - Dungeon King: Dreadstorm
    9. Fair Of Face, Filled With Space: Starfarer
    10. Wot I Think: PixelJunk Eden
    11. Best Friends Forever: The Lonely Wizard
    12. Gabe Newell Ponders "If we have to sell hardware we will"
    13. Wolves Did It: Why Capcom's PC Versions Are Late
    14. Epic Flail: 2QWOP Adds Multiplayer To QWOP
    15. The More Or Less Complete IGF Factor 2012
    16. Captain Carpet: Arcane Worlds
    17. Scrabble's Favourite Shooter: Nexuiz
    1. Cardboard Diaries: Dark Minions
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Ooh: Quite A Bit Of Far Cry 3 Footage
    2. Rolling Stone: Jagged Alliance Online Goes To Open Beta
    3. IGF Factor 2012: GIRP
    4. AirMech Brings Transforming Robots To Chrome
    5. Eve's Latest Explains The Awakening
    6. What Are You Playing This Weekend?
    7. else { Heart.break() } Will Make Players Programmers
    1. Things That Make Me Smile: 8BitMMO
    2. Wot I Think: Alan Wake PC
    3. Hey, Let’s All Play Unmanned Together
    4. Wot I Think: Unstoppable Gorg
    5. Guild News! Guild Wars 2 Server Battles Are Epic
    6. The Flare Path: Vapour And Vapidity
    7. Formula For Success: Breaking Into Driving Games, Part 2
    8. The Mojang Gamejam Is Live, Here
    9. Warp's Alien Antics Commence March 16th March
    10. Modern Warfare 3 Has A Free Weekend Drop Incoming
    11. The Needlessly Enormous Tactical Intervention Gallery
    12. Men Of War Assault Squad Gets New GOTY Demo
    1. Far Out: A Safari Of Far Cry 3 Screenshots
    2. Max Payne 3: Trailer 2: Hartlepool Nil
    3. King For Two Days: Crusader Kings II
    4. Pop A Portal In Minecraft
    5. Naval War: Arctic Circle Shows Its Most Beautiful Vessel
    6. Tactical Intervention Pokes Its Head From Cover
    7. Sleep Talking: Alan Wake Interview
    8. Men, Gods And Kings: Civilisation V Expansion
    9. Just Lego: Lego Minecraft Is A Real Thing
    10. Impressions: Prom Week
    11. Punk’s Not Dead: With Funereal Respect
    12. Syndicate Doesn't Launch With This Launch Trailer
    13. Brian Fargo Turning To Kickstarter For Wasteland 2
    14. Double Fine Adventures' Super Amazing Video Update
    15. Telltale Talk The Walking Dead
    16. Notch Clarifies All The Psychonauts 2 Things
    17. A Transcript Of A Chat Of A Game Of Dwarves
    1. Nadeo Working On ShootMania: Storm + RPG QuestMania
    2. Quantum Conundrum Shows Off Its Fluff
    3. Wait For The Drop: The Official Far Cry 3 Trailer Is Here
    4. Mojang's Mojam To Make A Game For Charity, In 60 Hours
    5. Dear Esther, We Sold 16,000 Copies In A Day, Shepherds
    6. Combat Wings: Great Battles Of WWII Is Pretty
    7. Off To The Races - Breaking Into Driving Sims, Part 1
    8. What I Alternatively Think: Dear Esther
    9. Fancier Pigeons: Hatoful Boyfriend Has Flown The Coop
    10. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! MechWarrior Tactics Sign-Ups
    11. Far Cry 3 Trailer Leaks, Release Date: Sept 6th
    12. Off Road And Off Their Meds: Mad Riders
    13. Grave, Watery: Deep Black: Reloaded Gets Demo
    14. Good Snooze, Everyone! Here's An Alan Wake PC Trailer
    15. IGF Factor 2012: Storyteller
    16. NEARLY FINISHED HIM! Street Fighter X Tekken PC Date
    17. "Summon the Old God, Väinämöinen, to the battlefield."
    18. Flock To It: Mass Effect 3 PC Demo Available
    1. Wot I Think: Jagged Alliance: Back In Action
    2. The Elder Wows: Two Million Skyrim Mods Downloaded
    3. Imaginary End: Forget Me Not Annie
    4. New Cradle Footage Gently Rocks
    5. Today's Important News
    6. IGF Factor 2012: At A Distance
    7. F'ray Few Dollars More: Fray Reaches Alpha
    8. Ultro-Huge Psychonauts Screenshot Gallery - Part One
    9. Ravaged Footage Will Gyrocopter Into Your Heart
    10. Chat: Xenonauts Dev On Firaxis And Outdoing X-COM
    11. Never Too Deep: Dwarf Fortress' Massive Update
    12. Ridge Racer Unbounded Fails MOT, Slips To March
    13. Virtual Kisses: Valentine's Day Events 2012
    14. Beta Unblocked: Blacklight: Retribution's Open Beta
    1. See Through Time: Shogun 2: Fall Of The Samurai Video
    2. You Will Die, Warn Diablo 3 Creators
    3. Monochromomentum: Here Comes Launchman Demo
    4. Kirk Holds Spock's Hands In Next Year's Star Trek
    5. Robota: Pistols At Dawn In Perpetuum
    6. Development Shell: Gratuitous Tank Battles
    7. Found Firefall Footage
    8. Racing On Phat Ice: iCEnhancer 2.0 Released
    9. Ian Football, Part 3: Interlude
    10. Hookshot Inc: Your New Games Journo Supergroup
    11. Scratching An Itch: A Virus Named TOM
    12. Wot I Think: Dear Esther
    13. Lord Of The Cringe: Oblivion's Prequel Adventure
    14. Stop Everything: 40 Minutes Of Mass Effect 3 Video
    15. IGF Factor 2012: Realm of the Mad God
    16. Disunion - Wargame: European Escalation's Multiplayer
    1. Cardboard Diaries: A Change Of Pace
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Wot I Think: Gotham City Impostors
    1. Dawwwwb: Backworlds Is A Lovely Paint-Based Puzzler
    2. Obsidian Want To Know What You Want Them To Make
    3. By Your Command: FemShep Lives
    4. IGF Factor 2012: Spelunky
    5. The Fall Of Earthrise
    6. Masses and Masses Of Mass Effect 3 Trailers
    7. Frictional Teases Next Amnesia
    8. VG247 Editor Promises To Eat Own Trousers On Film If Mojang-Funded Psychonauts 2 Happens
    9. Blizzard Announces New Diablo 3 Slipping Date
    10. The Flare Path: Serious Matterhorns
    11. Planescape Dev Gets 'Kickstarter Fever'
    12. Prepare To March Into The Ghost Recon Online Beta
    13. RIP Skyrim/Fallout 3 Artist Adam Adamowicz
    14. Doh-ta: Blizzard Lawyers Up Vs Valve
    15. Intelligent Demise: The End Of Darwinia
    16. Valve Drops Mad Beats Into TF2, Adds A Boombox
    1. Double Fine's Adventure Kickstarter Tops $1,000,000!
    2. Firefall's Bossman Shows Off With Laser Map Trailer
    3. Here's A Hard Reset: Extended Editon Trailer
    4. Bad Old Games: The 7th Guest Is Unleashed Once More
    5. In Today's Helicopter News: TKOH Hind DLC
    6. Mario, Ryu and Bob Too: Super Mario Crossover 2 Out
    7. Now I Want To Play Theory Interactive's Reset
    8. Remaking Azeroth Brick By Brick In Minecraft
    9. What Is Going On In This Air Buccaneers HD Trailer?
    10. Wot I Think: Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning
    11. Eary Indie An' Ya: Game Music Bundle 2 Live
    12. Thought: Double Fine's Kickstarter Asks Big Questions
    13. Who Smelt It? Forge Of Empires
    14. Huh: Cannon Fodder 3 Released On GamersGate
    15. Wot I Think: The Darkness II
    16. Skyrim Tests: Skeletal Horses, Giant Enemy Mudcrabs
    17. Squee! Schafer & Gilbert's Kickstarter Fund For Adventure
    18. Men Of War: Assault Squad GOTY Is Worth Buying
    19. Skeletonnes: The Great Battle Of Skyrim
    1. Wot I Think: Fortune Summoners
    2. Paradox Hint At Three New Games, Revealed Next Month
    3. Periscopes Up For Naval War: Arctic Circle
    4. Cell: emergence Demo Emerges From... Its Cell? I Dunno
    5. Wot I Think: Oil Rush
    6. Square Enix Couldn't Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
    7. Interview: Yager On Spec Ops: The Line
    8. Break Into Prison Architect Later This Year
    9. Wot I Think: King Arthur II
    10. Valve's Skyrim Mod: Finding Spaaaaaaaace Man
    11. Driver: San Francisco & Anno 2070 Affected By Ubi DRM
    12. The Other Sequels We Need Notch To Fund
    13. IGF Factor 2012: WAY
    14. EVE Online Relaunches Website, Entices New Players
    1. Skyrim Creation Kit Out, With High Res Textures Pack
    2. 95% Of Paradox's Revenue Is From Digital Distribution
    3. Panda Protecting Snuggle Truck Is Out, And Very Editable
    4. Panic Room: Masked
    5. Ooh, A Game Where You Shoot Many Robots
    6. IGF Factor 2012: Botanicula
    7. Rally Around For Some Dirt: Showdown Videos
    8. Hard Choices: Graphics Cards
    9. In Spiritum Sequitur: Sanctum 2 Announced
    10. Thief 2 Is Now On Good Old Games
    11. Wot I Think: Pineapple Smash Crew
    12. Not Mushroom to Maneuver: Cloudberry Kingdom
    13. Notch Says To Schafer "Lets Make Psychonauts 2 Happen"
    14. Plant Life: Meet Botanicula's Cellulose Chums
    15. Chocks Away: MS Flight Flies Feb 29th
    16. Double Fine Schafing At The Bit To Do Psychonauts 2
    17. You Are Democracy: IGF Audience Award
    1. No Hawking Hawken: It’s Free-To-Play
    2. UFOgle: An XCOM Enemy Unknown Gallery
    3. Grand Theft Organ: Emergency Ambulance Simulator
    4. Bit of Alright: A Report
    5. Bundlebrag: Indie Gala 2 Now On
    6. Hands On: Spec Ops: The Line
    7. Buying Old Games: Where Your Money Goes
    8. Car 'ere: Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends
    9. Regency If You Like It: Crusader Kings II Demo
    10. Headline With A ?: Skyrim Texture Pack?
    11. Oh What A Lovely War: Arma III
    12. MANFACE: Perfecting CG Spotty Skin
    13. IGF Factor 2012: Dear Esther
    14. Tactical RPG Krater Begins Testing Signup
    1. E-Sporting Chance: Around The World
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. Air Buccaneers Fan Vs Dev Skybattle, Ahoy!
    2. Nothing Noxious About Noxious
    3. Vroom! Project CARS Evolving Fast
    4. The Return Of Intel's Level Up Competition
    5. Hi-Rez Announce Big Tribes Changes
    6. Aliens: Colonial Marines Gets Shooty Footage
    1. Time For A Change: Firaxis On XCOM, Part 3
    2. RPS Asks: What's Your Weekend Playlist?
    3. Mutual Assurance Society: Fail-Deadly
    4. Keep Your Mass Effect 3 Saves. BUT WHY?
    5. Impressions: Depth Hunter Demo
    6. Go Bombing In Vain: Rainbogeddon
    7. Gotham City Imposters Imposes On Feb 8th
    8. The Flare Path: Catenaries And Dirigibles
    9. Punk’s Not Dead: An Introduction
    10. Flight Club: Natural Selection 2's Jetpacks
    11. THQ's Financial Woes, Metro Pushed Back
    12. Stealth, Bombs: Ghost Recon Future Soldier
    13. Cannon Fodder 3 Actually Happened, Demo
    14. Ooh! A Max Payne 3 Release Date And Trailer
    15. TF2 Team Aren't Working On A Hat
    1. Point And Wrassle: Da New Guys Demo
    2. Alan Wake PC Gets Release Date, Pretties
    3. Science Museum Gets Gaming: Futurecade
    4. Unbound: Ed McMillen Talks With Design3
    5. Clash Of Pings: Game Of Thrones Video
    6. Wot I Think - Cuboy: Back To The Cubeture 2
    7. Meet The Operation Raccoon City Teams
    8. Legitimate Ubisoft Games Won't Work Tues
    9. Death & Chrysalids: Firaxis On XCOM, Part 2
    10. Fame Game: The Sims Showtime Trailer
    11. Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Has A Demo
    12. How To Write Bioware Fanfiction
    13. First Look: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai
    14. From Bright Skies: Dark Reign Redux
    1. An Hour With... King Arthur II
    2. Trion Worlds Gives The Gift Of Rift
    3. Buffing The Bonehoard: Fixing GOG's Thief
    4. Fus Ro Mod! Skyrim's Creation Kit In Action
    5. Ian Football, Part 2: Gardening
    6. First Look: War Of The Roses
    7. The Darkness II's Tentacular Executions
    8. PSA: Fortune Summoners, Analogue Out Now
    9. Thought: Do We Own Our Steam Games?
    10. The SuperMes: Arch Social Criticism?
    11. Know Your Enemy: Firaxis On XCOM, Part 1
    12. 30,000 Gamers Ask: Where's Half-Life 3?
    13. Coffee For Those Games You Like So Much
    14. Mass (Voice) Effect 3 Trailer
    15. Insane In The Membrane? Cell: emergence