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Guess What You Do In Medal of Honor: Warfighter? 

If there's a surprise in the announcement that there's to be another game in EA's modern reboot of the Medal of Honor series, it's that the subtitle "Warfighter" survived basic training: no-one in the development studio giggled, no-one in marketing made this face >:(, John Riccitiello didn't suddenly come to his senses on the toilet and tell them to 'drop it and call it "2"'? Not only is it a redundant mess of a name, but it's not even a unique redundant mess. I expect Tom Clancy to hold a mock funeral, just so he can commence grave-spinning. So yes, there is a man, he'll be fighting in a war. Other details are somewhat missing in action.

But to be complete: the game is being developed by incumbent MoH curators, Danger Close. And only them this time: they're not farming out the multiplayer, the best bit of the previous game, to Battlefield developers DICE, although they are using the Frostbite 2.0 engine for the whole thing. Just like the previous bearded fighters of war, it follows Tier 1 operatives, whose modus operandi is getting knee-deep in number two, which is definitely what they should have called this game.

Here's the full image from the crop above: I've scanned it for secrets: if you enhance the eye, you can see the Modern Warfare team mooning him.

No matter how much I try, I can't make him giggle

I'll leave you with Craig's thought for the day: What if War wins? You'll find out when Medal of Honor 2 launches this October.

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