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Thief 2 Is Now On Good Old Games

If I had a Thief 2 commemorative mug, I’d be supping water (because of water arrows, of course), while pondering losing weight just in case I need to use rope arrows. As it is, I just have a hoodie up. Why? Right now “The Making of Thief 2” is playing on my other monitor as the full game is downloading from Given how excited I was when Thief: Gold hit there last week, I’m even more excited that the second game available now. I loved the first game, but the second game’s rangy missions just edge it for me.

Another $9.99 (expensive!) purchase if you fancy it. I’ve already stumped up, and discovered that it suffers much of the same resolution and widescreen based trouble from the previous release, but this utility fixed all my troubles, and made the game look a good bit lovlier. If I’m not mistaken, it would probably have fixed my retail disc, but that disappeared in recent house move. Perhaps it was stolen?

Gooder news, as I can now play the unofficial Thief 2 expansion, Shadows of The Metal Age, that was released a few years back.

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