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Gathering Together Guild Wars 2 Beta Looksies

If, like me, you were left out of this weekend's Guild Wars 2 beta then you'll know the tang of anger and the boiling of bile that welled up inside, directed at those that did. Felt good, didn't it? Don't lie: that directed spew of internal grrrrr made you feel all war-like, yeah? Me too, which is why I'm starting a guild of non-Guild War 2 players. Our mission: to not be playing Guild Wars 2 while others are enjoying it and videoing their fun. We shall, instead, watch them with twitching eyeballs, consuming all the video we can and learning about their ways, ready to exploit any weaknesses we witness. Join me, for I will be your leader and guide you through the land of Guild War 2 beta videos, unless I'm invited to play, in which case I never knew you and I was never here.

First up is the Yogscast's four part look at the Norn starting area, with the guys taking Engineer and Mesmer classes. Of all the videos, this is the most complete run-through you'll find. It matches my experience of Gamescom a few years ago: an hour of learning how to play before the world opens up .

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Parts two, three and four take you through the rest of the tutorial world and a bit into the main world. You'll see the beginnings of the player's personal story.

Curse's coverage aimed to look at PvP and PvE battles from different class perspectives. The Engineer class starts off with some interesting dynamic destruction (okay, he breaks windows) before setting to his opponent.

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And then there's Elementalist , Guardian, and Ranger action. I'm pretty poor at teaming, so the solo experiences here gives me a lot of hope.

My favourite group of videos though, are Mike B's city tours. The first thing that really got me excited about Guild Wars 2 was the incredible art that Arenanet were releasing. It made me want to explore the world. Mike B's covered bits of it already. I'll be honest, I had a quick peek at each before clapping my hands over my eyes and remonstrating with myself. I really want to experience these for my self. This stuff constitutes more spoilers than any number of PvP and quest videos. If you don't care, here he is wandering the Charr's Black City.

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And here's Divinity's Reach the Human home city, and Hoelbrak of the Norn's.

RPS will have our own coverage soon. Promise!

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