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Guild Wars 2's End Of Dragons expansion will let you ride co-op turtle tanks

And drift in your own skiff

The third Guild Wars 2 expansion, End Of Dragons, has just been revealed. The latest update to one of today's best MMORPGs adds a new island realm of Cantha, boats, and a co-op mount that lets two players ride together. Yup, you and a BFF get to ride the Siege Turtle in tandem.

The new world of Cantha has been magically locked away for centuries, which provides the Guild Wars 2 designers with plenty scope to bring new features to the game. The Siege Turtle, a new mount for two players, is the first multiplayer mount of the game. God was angry when he created it, my friends. A giant turtle, turrets and weapons grafted onto its sandpapery hide.

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The map is dotted with islands, which means watercraft is the preferred method of travel. The new skiffs will enable players and their friends to gather on a single craft and explore the area while fishing off the side for dinner. That sounds like a nice thing to do, gather up some friends, go fishing, and chill as Tyria starts to collapse.

A player casts a fishing line off a boat in Guild Wars 2

For those of you with characters sitting waiting for more, there are new elite specialisations for the nine classes. No news on what they are just yet, but from August 17th there will be week-long beta events to test things out, for every month until November. The beta will require you to create new characters, though.

Players who just want more things to hit can look forward to more legendary weapons, and new strike missions for up to 10 players to join. The PVE instances will be available immediately after the game launches, so you won’t need to wait.

Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons expansion will hatch on February 22nd 2022.

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