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EVE Online Relaunches Website, Entices New Players

There are a number of ways Jim and I are different. For instance, I like baked beans, while Jim is a seventy-foot super-robot that devours cities for food. Another way is that he has played EVE Online for over 40 million ours, whereas I have only ever stared at videos of it and then run away to play with Lego. But CCP are looking to welcome new players, not by simplifying the game, but rather by better explaining how to get started. That's partly via a swishy new website, which is much easier to navigate, and presented in that modern collection of rectangles that the young people love so much these days. And it's more directly via a new video aimed at brand new players. You can see it below.

The emphasis here appears to be, "Don't worry, you can join in with long-term players," which seems a sensible thing to communicate.

Watch on YouTube

Gosh, it looks so incredible, and so very, very daunting. Are you tempted? Cheers VG247.

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