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Squee! Schafer & Gilbert's Kickstarter Fund For Adventure

Well this is quite the thing. While we're all in the middle of crossing our fingers, legs and internal organs in the hope that Mojang and Double Fine will find a way to fund a sequel to Psychonauts, Schafer's company have surprised us by announcing they're seeking funding for another dream project - a new "old school" graphic adventure game from Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert. You know - two guys of the three guys who wrote Monkey Island. The team that led to some of the greatest adventures ever made. Please squee now. And now they're trying out a Kickstarter to make it happen.

At RPS we have a bit of a wavering internal policy about Kickstarter projects. The rule tends to be, if the people behind it have no proven track record, we're not comfortable with suggesting people give them money. Er, that might not apply here. This is Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert - give them every penny in your bank. Except, you may already be too late.

In a press release issued when all sensible people were sleeping, Double Fine explained that finding traditional funding for a trad adventure is "impossible". So they've started a Kickstarter, with a goal for $400,000.

Well, that will take a while, right? Wrong. The press release announcing this was sent at 1.56am UK time. Seven hours later and it's on $337,203. Wow. I think this might happen.

The process of making the game will be filmed by Minecraft: The Story Of Mojang filmmakers, 2 Player Productions, and the documentary will apparently only be available to those who back the project, along with early access to the game, posters, and even original paintings of your own visage if you donate enough. For $10,000 of more lunch with Schafer and Gilbert was on offer, but that's already gone! As have 3 of the $5,000 offers, and 27 of the $1,000 offers. Methinks people want this to happen.

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