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20 Goto Hell In Code Hero

I thought writing about else { Heart.break() } would prove to be a novelty, but three days later here I am, telling you about another game that lets you fiddle in its innards. I am now the official RPS expert, sorry "expert", on games that allow you to alter their code: Code Hero is a Unity engine game where you have a code gun that shoots Javascript, and hopes the players learn enough from the action. According to the the devs: "Code Hero is an FPS where your Code Gun shoots code directly at a target and executes on impact. It references the target so you can act upon hitObject in your code or just hit.point if permissions are denied." If you could see the face I'm making trying to comprehend that, you'd probably be calling for an ambulance. Video of it below.

It's,m you gueessed it, a Kickstarter hopeful (although it sadly looks likely to fall short of its funding goal), but it's already playable and I presume it's not going to collapse if they don't reach their goal. The game's levels teach you how to build your own game, and the final level allows you to publish the finished work.

(Quick note from the RPS Hivemind for any Kickstarter-funded devs hoping we'll post about their game: we do ask that there's something playable for us to nose at, if you're not a well-established studio. We have a duty to our readers, so can't seem to blindly suggest they offer money to all sorts of unproven projects).

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