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F'ray Few Dollars More: Fray Reaches Alpha

It's the future and some megabastard corporations are at war with one another, which is hardly surprising, but as this is Fray they're not scrapping in first-person agent-shooting as some might have you believe. Their respective boards and committees have decided that the best way to keep the shareholders sweet is to go at each other in the hex-divided streets, plotting their moves and murders before seeing how each turn plays out in real time. Sounds like something I should be playing so now that the alpha is available to preorder customers I shall be doing just that. Paying now ($19.99/€17.99/£14.99) over at Desura gives immediate access to the current build. Here's a trailer.

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I'm slightly concerned that each turn has a time limit, not because I think it's a poor design choice but because I'm the kind of person who panics and starts chewing a bishop if someone approaches my chess table with a timing device of any sort.

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