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Frictional Teases Next Amnesia 

Trouser-colour troublers Frictional Games, makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, have dramatically unveiled a website for their next game, pulling aside a metaphorical curtain, making thunder noises with their mouths and flicking the lights on and off. Scared? Nope? You're just made of steel, aren't you? I'd have thought a website with a blurry image with the word "Amnesia" on it in scary script and a link to a Google Map of China (click the image, if you dare) would have made you curl up into a ball. So what is going on? Well, I'm afraid I know as much as you do, apart from the two little more bits of information contained below this terrifying jump. Dare you? Mwahahaha...

..haaaa. Well, I checked a few Whois records, sneaking into Old Man Smith's house during a full moon and exposing myself to the mild uncomfortableness of IE 6 on his DIAL-UP [blood-curling scream], and the domain is definitely linked to Frictional, so it's not a troll. The meta information of the site includes this list of keywords [places torch under chin]: "3D game, frictional games, advanced physics, survivial [sic] horror, action adventure, first person, horror, scary, HPL, work in progress, upcoming game, next frictional game, game development." It's accompanied by this Crowley-esque incantation: "Welcome to the next frictional game site, a site with information about our game projects in development. We use this site to post content about a project in development, during the period it does not have a final name decided."

If you say them three times in a mirror while balancing an egg at the equinox, someone somewhere will die an unrelated, unconnected death that's of no significance to you whatsoever. The image is also listed as "tease_image_1.jpg", which numerology experts tell me is just the beginning [Wilhelm scream played backwards]. It does look like something's hiding in the murk of "tease_image_1.jpg". Come closer. See? No, closer. Clo-ser.

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