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Here's the first actual teaser video for Frictional's next horror game

They've dug up another

If you've not heard, those folks who done underwater horror game Soma and haunted house horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent are working on another thing that is almost certainly a horror game. And look, it's a scary desert game this time around. Probably. We don't know for sure yet because so far they've led players on an ARG—that's alternate reality game—looking for clues about what their next proper video game might be. Today them super sleuths have uncovered another hidden video and this one looks like an actual game (teaser) trailer.

So far, players have uncovered several YouTube videos as part of the ARG. Until today though, each video had been just a black screen with sound or a live-action video providing new clues. Today's video looks like it's almost certainly from the game itself. There's voice-over from a person named "Tasi" who could possibly be the game's protagonist, what looks like a desert, and a small rocky ruin-looking structure with spooky blue light coming out.

Here it is in text for ya: "Don't lose it. No. No, come on! I need to find him. He must understand. I am Tasi. I am still Tasi."

Like Frictional's other horror games, this certainly has a mind horror vibe to it, as if Tasi's identity is somehow in question. Then there's a mysterious "he" who needs to understand something as well. The desert-y setting seems to play well with the other clues dug up by players related to a village in Kazakhstan and the Egyptian-looking eye symbol now on Frictional's site.

I still don't quite know what's up with the baby Frictional are growing on the landing page of but surely that'll come into play eventually as well. Shoutout to the clever folks in Frictional's Discord server for digging in the digital desert.

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