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The Epic Games Store is having a grand old halloween sale

A real slasher compilation.

Is there anything scarier than buying products at below the recommended retail price? Almost certainly, which is why I'd hesitate to call the Epic Games Store Halloween Sale particularly spooky. It is, however, taking a massive knife to game prices across the platform, with some pretty hefty discounts of up to 80% going on a number of range of fantastic games until the sale wraps on November 3rd.

Pre-empting Steam's inevitable Halloween Sale, the Epic Games store kicked off its own seasonal sale today - and while it's missing all the weird monetised meta-games that have come to define its competitor's events, there's still a good range of great games going dead cheap for the next few weeks.

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Now, at this point, I'm entirely burnt out on these blowout sales - but they're still a good shot at grabbing some big recent games at a bargain. To that end, Gearbox's shooter-looter Borderlands 3 is going for half price, with fellow space romp The Outer Worlds also going at half off. Meanwhile, gravelly cowboy epic Red Dead Redemption 2 is going for a not-insignificant 40% discount.

Those are just the headlines, though, and there's plenty of small spooky gems to be found among the discounts. At a mere 5 quid, Playdead's Inside is a perfect thriller for the shortening days, while Obersvation's orbital tension is going for a massive 60% off. The existentially horrifying SOMA is going for a massive 90% off - that's 3 pound coins for a phenomenally terrifying game, with change.

After trying to juggle the multiple currencies, stickers, factions and wildly ambitious minigames of Steam's latest sales, it's somewhat nice to have a major platform's discounts feel so... spartan. The Epic Games Store Halloween Sale runs until November 3rd. Mind that they're also continuing their free game giveaways, with Costume Quest 2 and Layers Of Fear 2 up for grabs this week.

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