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Grave, Watery: Deep Black: Reloaded Gets Demo

Have you ever played a third-person shooter and thought, "Well, this is all well and good, but why isn't it underwater?!" before screaming and throwing your property out the window? Put down that hatstand, because there's a demo for Deep Black: Reloaded. And it features jet packs and harpoons.

This is, I should stress, from Biart, the same people who brought us Depth Hunter. The "Reloaded" comes from its being a version of a 360/PS3 digital game, but, um, the console's Deep Black hasn't been released yet. My brain hurts. It's a near-future sci-fi, that promises a story involving espionage and bio-terror, and a smattering of world supremacy.

Biart really are sticking to their niche of being underwater. Previous games include Reef Aquarium, Craig's favourite Depth Hunter, and something called Diving: Jurassic Monsters. I must now play Diving: Jurassic Monsters at the cost of all other things.

Oh dear me - the demo does that vile thing of taking over your whole screen as it installs, while playing its own music. I was listening to The Books, Deep Black - I was happy with that choice.

The proprietary engine seems pretty decent - it all looks nice enough, although it's a bit clippy. It's a shame their water effects don't include showing it flowing, instead opting for some rather 2001 style blurry spray effects, but otherwise it all sloshes around as you'd hope. From what I can tell, it's a cover-based shooter, but with swimming, and clearly from the demo it's not possible to get a good enough feel for whether that can be sustained for a good length of time. But still, check it out for yourself. And have a trailer:

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