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Dawwwwb: Backworlds Is A Lovely Paint-Based Puzzler

This is swish. Platform game Backworlds has just released a demo, and I’ll urge you to play it because, yes, it’s been released as a prelude to asking you for money to help the game to be finished (also known as Crowdschafering). But it’s also a pretty, painterly puzzle game with bags of potential. It’s just a few licks of a brush away from greatness.

The world exists as two parallel, and you can move between the two by selectively wiping the paint with M1 to reveal the background, and reapplying it with M2. Doing so lets you pass through walls in one dimension by wiping to another where the wall wouldn't exist. Brushing reveals hidden bridges and switches that would otherwise be hidden. The demo has charmed me on this cold, darkening Friday evening, and I leave for the weekend a happier man. Have a look. Isn't it pretty?

Cover image for YouTube video

This is, by the way, from the makers of canny mash-up platformer Assemblee, which the ridiculous handsome, sexy, refined and charismatic Alec Meer, who is most definitely not adding this update to the bottom of Craig's post himself, posted about here.

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