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Ubering Catacomb Snatch

Poor Catacomb Snatch, forever destined to be a quirk of game development: the game Mojang made in a weekend and then tossed out into the world, unready, uneducated, unubered. All it needed was a little polish to make it all better, some tender loving uber. But what if it could happen? What if someone took the source code, appended the game with with "Uber" and carried on developing? That would make an Uber Catacomb Snatch. And if such a thing were to happen, they might as well set up a website saying so. It would look a bit like this , and host downloads of the game for everyone to play. And you know, if it did happen, if the impossible became possible, then I might see fit to include a video of it below this here line. Dare you step over it and into the World of the Impossible?

My, you are brave. Anything could greet you in this topsy-turvy world. Welcome to the impossible world of a working Uber Catacomb Snatch. Aside from everything being just a little bit sexier here, the Steampunk Egyptian strategic shoot 'em up now has has bunch of squashed bugs, tweaked firing and some improved loot gathering help. He even fixed the game over screen.

Watch on YouTube

So far they're up to version 1.4, which is some hefty coding for a game that only hit 1.0 this weekend. But like I said: impossible. Till next time.

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