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Clash Of Pings: Game Of Thrones Video

That joke doesn't make much sense. Cyanide's Game of Thrones RPG is definitely not online, so I'll apologise to those of you who'd started considering guild names after reading it. It is a Dragon Age-ish actiony slicey thing set in George RR Martin's grim medieval world. I have thoughts on the video below.

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Right. Where the heck is Riverspring? I've consulted my annotated map of Westeros, that I keep under my pillow next to my warg tooth, and it appears to be an invention of the game developers, along with the ruling clan the Sarwycks. I'm always baffled by this sort of thing: I understand that the story's characters have lives to live out according to Martin's canon, but his history spans hundreds of years and makes mention of thousands of characters that the books don't focus on. Why add to that? I hope we get to meet some of the more famous people in the world. If I'm denied a dalliance with Tyrion, my wrath will be like the Stallion That Mounts the World. I'm aware of what happens to him (The Stallion, not Tyrion. Apologies for the confusion) in the books, so save your sarky comments or I'll get Ned Stark on your asses. And, yes, I know what happens to him as well. This is the problem with A Game Of Thrones: I can't make a compelling threat out any of the characters. Stop maiming and killing people, George!

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