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Hera Worship: Apotheon Is The Prettiest Of Pretties

Alientrap's new platform game, Apotheon, is pretty. A 2D platform action-RPG set in Greek mythology, where you'll fight your way to the top of Mount Olympus. It's the age old tale of a champion fighting for humanity against the wife and usurper of Zeus, Hera. We've all been there, battling Greek gods, stealing their powers, controlling the elements. I was doing just so last night, cleverly disguised as eating pork dumplings and prawn crackers while slumped in bed rewatching Doctor Who. If you squinted, you'd have seen the truth.

I'm not on that easily impress - ooh, a raisin! - ed, and all there is is a few lines of what the game has to offer and these screenshots, but it's Saturday, the sun is *double-checks* shining, and I had some tasty food last night, so I'm in a positive frame of mind. Alientrap are showing it off at GDC, so we can expect more cooing over the gorgeous art style very soon.

Mythmas has come

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