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Mythmas Time: Apotheon Trailer

Hera today.

Apotheon is one of the more interesting games on the horizon. It's a stunningly pretty action RPG set in ancient Greece, where you'll wander an open-world Mount Olympus as you attempt to overthrow Hera. It's from Alien Trap Games, who made the splendid Capsized, and they've just announced that if you pre-order Apotheon you'll get Capsized for free.

"Beware Greek-based games bearing pre-order bonuses", so the saying goes. Why beware? Because the person who would use such a xenophobic statement is also clearly out to deny you fun and free games. Do not listen to such a clichéd warning, and instead make your own mind up on games and take people as individuals. I am Scottish, and if you were to believe everything you read about Scottish people, you'd probably be bleeding right now in a psychosomatic reaction. And yet I am lovely.

Anyway, here's the trailer. Your eyes will love it.

Ooh. Lots of swooshing swords and tossed spears. And that art-style is pitch-perfect as well, with a nice stiffness to the animations. Though I wonder if what we watched there was a mixture of single and multiplayer? Some of the fighting had the distinct whiff of oiled-up man-on-man action. Very apt.

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