September 2012 Archive

    1. Cardboard Children: The Wait
    2. Watch This Eight-Minute Blackspace Video
    3. Live Free, Play Hard: This Week's Finest Free Indie Games
    4. The Sunday Papers
    5. Blimey: Prison Architect Made $100k In 72 Hours
    1. Try Before You Try: XCOM's Interactive Trailer
    2. Banana Manshoot: Offensive Combat Now In Open Beta
    3. Rocksmith Finally Actually PC-Bound For Real In October
    4. Kickstarter Katchup – 29th September 2012
    5. Psychiatric Evaluation Is An Adventure With A Crazy Twist
    1. Impressions: The Banner Saga's F2P Multiplayer
    2. The Contract Is On: Hitman - Absolution
    3. Custom UT Bots Pass "Turing Test", Win BotPrize
    4. Moody: Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Out October
    5. A Collage Of Dreams: Middens
    6. I Has Demo: I Am Weapon
    7. Whatever Happened To The Swindle?
    8. The Flare Path: One Of Life's Stragglers
    9. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 6
    10. Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
    11. Total-er War - Shogun 2 Now On Steam Workshop
    12. It's Finally Real! - Mount & Blade II
    13. Bro-op: Starbreeze Reveals Fantasy Romp 'Brothers'
    1. Valve On Steam Greenlight's Failings, Fixing Them
    2. An Eventful Ending: City Of Heroes
    3. Pixel Prioritised: McPixel Steam Greenlight Interview
    4. Wot I Think: Lucius
    5. Exquisitely Synth-ful: Skylight Demo And Release
    6. Castle Crashers Crashes Into Steam
    7. Dishonored: The Animated Movie, Part Three
    8. Make A Date With Tryst's Demo
    9. Today's Beast Game Idea: Beast Boxing Turbo
    10. Good Griddance: GRID 2
    11. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 5
    12. Happy Burnsday: Little Inferno Release Date
    13. Far Cry 3's Maddest Baddies Wax Diabolical
    14. The Cat God Returns: Secret World Issue Three Goes Live
    15. Planets Under Attack Looks Busy, Colourful
    16. Deader Than Ever: Black Ops 2's Zombie Campaign
    1. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 4
    2. Darkfalling For You Again: Darkfall Unholy Wars
    3. Tanks Again: Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour
    4. Commanderer: Wargame's 'Commander' Add On Is Free
    5. Look: First Proper Total War: Rome 2 Trailer
    6. Introversion Unveil Prison Architect's Alpha Launch
    7. Dishonored: The Animated Movie, Part Two
    8. Major: Miner Wars 2081 Enters Beta, 16-player Co-Op
    9. Researching For Authenticity, War Of The Roses Style
    10. Impressions: Elemental – Fallen Enchantress Beta
    11. National Geo Graphics: Minecraft's Biomes O' Plenty Mod
    12. Hooray! - System Shock 2, Thief 2 Get Usability Patches
    13. Little Big Middle-Earth: Lego Lord Of The Rings' World
    14. Solitary Dismemberment: Dead Space 3 Shows Its Roots
    1. PC Games Are All About Terrain
    2. Meet Splinter Cell's Brand New Lead Character
    3. Some Things You Should Know About The XCOM Demo
    4. Encouraging: Neverwinter's User-Created Content
    5. Not Too Distant Target: Sword Of Fargoal 2 Kickstarter
    6. A Sack Of Cats: A Guild Wars 2 War Story, Pt.1
    7. DIshonored: The Animated Movie
    8. A Better Bayonetta: Platinum Games Considering PC
    9. Don't Call It A Comeback: 3D Realms' Crowd-Funded FPS
    10. Wot I Think: F1 2012
    11. David Icke's Total War
    12. Secret World's New Dance Move: The Internal Shakeup
    13. Slenderman Re-Arrives In Slender: The Arrival
    14. Adventure Time: Kairo Gets Release Date, Demo
    1. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 3
    2. Steelier: Beneath A Steel Sky Sequel Planned
    3. Mods And Monsters: Killing Floor Joins Steam Workshop
    4. Hands-on: Assassin's Creed 3
    5. Unhidden Movement: XCOM Demo Is Go
    6. Popcap Dublin Axed In 'Integration' Plan
    7. Sci-Fi Folktale: Anna's Quest Demo
    8. Brainy: Cortex Command To Get Steam Release, Trailer
    9. Season's Bleatings: Borderlands 2 DLC
    10. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013's 2012 Demo #2
    11. Burning Robbers: Crash Time 5 Demo
    12. A Gryphon's-Eye View of Mists of Pandaria
    13. Sneaky Stabby: Mark Of The Ninja Officially Steam-Bound
    14. Totally Recollected: Remember Me
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week's Best Free Indie Games
    2. Cardboard Children - Android: Netrunner
    3. The Sunday Papers
    4. The Fight To Save City Of Heroes
    1. Kickstarter Katchup – 21st September 2012
    1. Wot I Think: Black Mesa
    2. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 2
    3. Jungle Diva: Far Cry 3
    4. All The Fun Of The Fear: Circus World
    5. EG Expo's Indie Arcade Starts With A Bastard
    6. Carrier Command Trailer Sounds Orchestral Klaxon
    7. Wot I Think: The Walking Dead Episode 3
    8. Steal Incredible Prizes: Win Monaco Closed Beta Keys!
    9. From Our Tank Correspondent, Part 2: The As-Liveblog
    10. The Flare Path: Diecast Romans
    11. More Than A Fleshwound: Chivalry - Medieval Warfare
    12. A People's History Of The FPS, Part 3: The Postmod
    13. Stoking The Embers: Torchlight II Demo
    14. Trenchmen: Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough!
    1. From Our Tank Correspondent, Part 1: Cats And Hats
    2. Air Buccaneers On Greenlight, Linux And Mac Versions
    3. Capcom: Resi 6 Port Will Not Be Treated As 'Trivial'
    4. Point And Click This News: Sherlock And Deponia
    5. Robinson's Return: Day One - Garry's Incident
    6. Wot I Think: Torchlight II
    7. Eurogamer Expo Almost Full Up, Indie Drinks Also
    8. Hot Water Tank: Neverwinter's Class Profiles Begin
    9. So Runic, What's Next After Torchlight II?
    10. A People's History Of The FPS, Part 2: The Mod
    11. Minecraft By Way Of Second Life: Patterns
    12. Magic: The Dungeons And Dragoning - Card Hunter
    13. Russian Borderlands 2 Is All Fixed
    14. Alea Jacta Est Announced! Again?
    15. Bigger Picture: Valve Hardware Beta To Begin Next Year
    16. PlanetSide 2 Tackles 'Pay-To-Win' Problem
    1. Project Eternity Will Be DRM Free On GOG, Detailed
    2. A People's History Of The FPS, Part 1: The WAD
    3. Going For The Hard Cel: Jet Set Radio HD
    4. Wretched "Date A Gamer" Site Sinks Even Lower
    5. Blackspace's Kickstarter Looks Geological
    6. FTL: The Fatal Frontier, Sector 1
    7. Blooming Marvellous: Hands-On With War Of The Roses
    8. Russian Borderlands 2 Region Locked, Affects Neighbours
    9. Wot I Think: Transcripted
    10. Super! DC Universe Online Adds Hand Of Fate
    11. Cube World: Now With More Hang Gliders (And Cubes)
    12. CG-Cry: Dead Island Wants To Make You All Weepy Again
    13. BioWare Teases 'All-New' Mystery Project, Next Mass Effect
    1. Now People With Expensive Silver PCs Can Play GW2 Too
    2. The Doctors Are Out: Zeschuk and Muzyka Leave BioWare
    3. Goldfinger Also On Craig's List: 007 Legends
    4. Now Playable By Humans: War Of The Human Tanks
    5. Humble Rumbles Anew: PWYW Torchlight, Vessel, SPAZ
    6. Let Us Pray For Cardinal Quest 2
    7. Puzzling Pythons: Snayke
    8. School For Scoundrels: Quest For Glory Devs' Hero-U
    9. Twine Waits For No Man: The dotBrighton Gamejam
    10. Dour Defence: Sang-Froid - Tale Of Werewolves
    11. We Missed Tryst
    12. Funcom: Secret World 'Has The Tools' To Go F2P
    13. Guild Wars 2 To Get 'Consistent Free Updates,' Expansion
    14. Borderlands 2 Is Allowed To Launch Now
    15. Probability 0 Is A Brutal Platformer With Roguelike Charms
    16. Wot I Think: Borderlands 2
    1. Smooth Soul: Dark Souls PC Modded To 60FPS
    2. Lone Survivor's Jasper Byrne Teases Next Project
    3. Knives To Meet You: Hitman Absolution
    4. Now Patent Uglies Uniloc Want To Bumgarden X-Plane
    5. Wartaste: Combat Mission - Fortress Italy Demo
    6. Everybody Expected It - Dragon Age III: Inquisition
    7. Plight Of The Penguins: March Of The Eagles
    8. Test Your Vettel: F1 2012 Demo
    9. 5 Things Which Make Me Happy In XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    10. Warsaw Occasionally Changes: Uprising44
    11. War Of The Words: 1931 - Scheherazade
    12. Live Free, Play Hard: Strategic Torture Simulation
    13. Bohemia's Greek Tragedy: Arrested Pair Were Tourists
    14. Plane Sailing: Project Eternity Is Funded, & Then Some
    15. Gratuitous Space Battles No Longer Fully Gratuitous
    1. Cardboard Children: NEWSABADDON
    2. The Sunday Papers
    1. ArenaNet: Guild Wars 2 Takes The 'End' Out Of Endgame
    2. Future Talk: Notch On Steam, Windows 8, What's Next
    3. Kickstarter Katchup - 15th September 2012
    4. Oh, Baldurdash - Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Delayed
    5. EA-Zynga Wars Episode II: Zynga Strikes Back
    6. Project Eternity Raises Lots Of Money Awfully Quickly
    7. DRM Released With Bundle In A Box!
    1. Hard Choices: Gaming Laptops, Part Two
    2. Molywho? Borderlands 2's Curious Online Game
    3. So Anyway, Black Mesa's Out Now
    4. XCOM XChat: Jim And Adam In Turn-Based Conversation
    5. Obsidian's Kickstarter Is "Project Eternity"
    6. Stranger's Wrath HD Released, Oddly Free Patch
    7. Vitrum Is A Puzzler That Doesn't Need Your Silly Gravity
    8. All Systems Are Go: FTL Launches Today
    9. Beyond Minecraft: Notch On Fame, Pressure, Sequels
    10. Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter Blasts Past $2m
    11. The Flare Path Guide To Furtive Fact Gathering
    12. Is Mark Of The Ninja Sneaking Onto Steam?
    13. Blade & Soul's Kung-Fu Is Strong (And Multiplayer)
    14. Everyone On Earth Talks About AC III's Connor
    15. Aaaand Secret World's Issue Two's Been Delayed... Again
    16. 'Experience' Dishonored Without Experiencing Dishonored
    1. Mr Fix-It: Eador - Masters Of The Broken World
    2. Thrown Open Wide: Gateways Released On Steam & Desura
    3. Stanley Clicked "YES": The Stanley Parable Returns
    4. You Can Pre-Order Aliens: Colonial Marines If You Like
    5. Guild Wars 2 Sells Two Million Copies In A Fortnight
    6. Die By The SWOOOORD Colon Lords Of The Sword
    7. Play Computer Games With The RPS Community!
    8. Dishonored Devs To Speak At Eurogamer Expo
    9. Hands-On: Forty Hours With XCOM
    10. Regarding Carrier Command, Bohemia's Other Game
    11. Digging Deeper Into Secret World's 'Digging Deeper' Update
    12. Now With More German: Tribes' 'Marksman' Update
    13. EVE Community Unites Over Player Death In Libya
    14. Next For PlanetSide: New Continent, Performance Tweaks
    15. Legend Of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Hits Public Beta
    1. Wot I Think: I Am Alive
    2. Awite Guvner! Get Yer Indie Games 'Ere: IndieGameStand
    3. I Shot The Law: ArmA Devs Arrested For Greek 'Espionage'
    4. Code Club Is Programming Tuition For Primary Schools
    5. Qbeh Is Cubey, Beautiful, And Free On Desura
    6. Cor-Op: Realms Of Ancient War Need Not Be Lonely
    7. Bioware Reveal SWTOR's "Terror From Beyond"
    8. Spooks: Valve Calls For Halloween TF2 Submissions
    9. EXO Is The Weirdest Music Video You'll Play All Week
    10. Now: You Could Come And Play Sub Rosa
    11. T-Rexellent: Fall Of Cybertron Excavates Dinobot DLC
    12. Greenlit: Black Mesa, Zomboid, McPixel, More
    13. Feudal Red Riding Hood - Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
    14. WoW Screenshots Allegedly Include Acct Names, IP Info
    1. A Weekend Break On The Path Of Exile
    2. Steppe Into History: Pleasuredromes Of Kubla Khan
    3. Finally, An In-Built Way To Choose Steam Install Locations
    4. Dishonored Devs Try To Pin Down "Immersion"
    5. Another Fine Messi: Fifa 13 Demo Out Now
    6. Waiting For A Wing Commander: Chris Roberts Returns
    7. Gaming Made Me: Jean Grae
    8. Ron Gilbert Explains The Cave's Weird Character Count
    9. Eyes-On: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
    10. Hmmmm: Medal Of Honor's Bin Laden DLC
    11. Amnesia Devs Hint At Next Project, Dismiss Piracy
    12. You Can Try Out Steam's Big Picture Mode Right Now
    13. Guild Wars Celebrates Sales Reopening With This... Thing
    1. XCOM Enemy Unknown: The Final Chatdown
    2. The Poetry Of Squeaky Sneakers: NBA 2K13
    3. Spare A Thought For The IndieFort Bundle
    4. Kickstarter ♥ Games: $50 Million Raised In Six Months
    5. Decisions, Decisions: Borderlands 2 Skill Trees In Full
    6. Command and Conquer Single Player Hinted At
    7. Wot I Think: Closure
    8. Powering Up: Black Mesa Screenshots
    9. Hard choices: Gaming laptops, Part One
    10. Boss Wave: Defender's Quest Gold, Steam Release
    11. Casting The Couch: Steam's Big Picture Beta Out Today
    12. War On Geometry: Super Hexagon Coming To PC
    13. Snake In The Glass: qrth-phyl Out Now
    1. Live Free, Play Hard: The Week In Free Indie Games
    2. Cardboard Children: Life
    3. The Sunday Papers
    1. Foreverquest: EverQuest Will Never Stop Expanding
    2. Story Time With Valve's Erik Wolpaw, Pt 2
    3. Wait, Why's Pirate Bay Promoting An Indie Game?
    4. Kickstarter Katchup - 8th September 2012
    5. On The Level: ShootMania's Map Editor
    6. PlanetSide 2's 'Alpha Squad' Grants Instant Beta Access
    1. Story Time With Valve's Erik Wolpaw, Pt 1
    2. Eskil Steenberg's Love Is Free
    3. Space Skulk: Steam Marines
    4. Cowboys And Injuries: Call Of Juarez - The Gunslinger
    5. Firaxis Show Off XCOM: Enemy Unknown Death Horror
    6. Air, Land, And C4: Wargame AirLand Battle
    7. Battlespace Freestar Galactica: Diaspora
    8. Now You Remember Me, Now You Don't
    9. The Flare Path: Flèche Wounds
    10. Interview: Firaxis On XCOM's Secret Origins
    11. The Colour Of Money: Trine 2 DLC And Sale
    12. (Full) Back To Basics: Football Manager 2013
    13. Land Ahoy: Proteus Gets Big Update, Oct Steam Launch
    14. VROOMSPLAT: Trials Returning To PC
    15. SOE Reveals Steam-Workshop-Ish 'Player Studio'
    1. Dishonored Devs Describe The Game's "Inception"
    2. STRIKE! PES 2013 Shooting Hoops On 21st September
    3. Portaling Onto Steam And Desure Next Week: Gateways
    4. Hell, It's About Time: Heart Of The Swarm Beta Goes Live
    5. It Lives: I Am Alive Suddenly Launches
    6. Wasteland 2 Footage Leaks, Robot Scorpions Roar
    7. Natural Selection 2 Selects October Launch Date, Naturally
    8. Weather Or Not: Tripwire Show Off Rising Storm
    9. A Postcard Soaked In Kerosene: Far Cry 3's Side-Quests
    10. Why Might Ubisoft Have Changed Their Minds On DRM?
    11. Indies On Steam Greenlight, Part 2: Possible Futures
    12. Free Crawling: The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot
    13. Calm Down, Everyone: You Can Play Farmville 2 Now
    14. Techland Making Call Of Juarez: The Gunslinger
    15. BASS Fishing: Revolution Tease Beneath A Steel Sky 2
    1. Planetside 2's Galaxy Is Different, And Other Thoughts
    2. Wot I Think: Snapshot
    3. Blendo On Quadrilateral Cowboy, Experimental Games
    4. The Rift: Storm Legion Demon Is Quite Large
    5. How The Daily Mail Uses Tragedy To Spread Gaming Fear
    6. Buy George! Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter Reaches Its Goal
    7. Oh Well, Whatever: Nevermind
    8. Big Men Announce Guts, Playable Alpha
    9. Battle Arenas: Anti-heroes of Newerth
    10. It's A Smaller World, After All: Tera Merging Servers
    11. Green For Greenlight: Valve Now Charging $100 Fee
    12. Warren Spector Explains Why Epic Mickey's A Musical
    13. Hubs, Bub: Steam's Community Revamp Open To All
    14. Interview: Ubisoft On DRM, Piracy And PC Games
    15. Old School Vs. New School: Battle Of Gaming's Elite
    16. Ubisoft Scrapping Always-On DRM For PC Games
    1. Fortnite: PC 'First And Foremost,' Launching As Beta
    2. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die A Bit Less, Perhaps
    3. Arabian Nightstalker: Qasir al-Wasat
    4. Valve "Frustrated By The Lack Of Innovation In Hardware"
    5. The Stars My Destination: GOG Recruits Startopia
    6. Hands On: WRC 3
    7. Escape To New York: The Secret World's First Raid
    8. EG Expo: DayZ, Hotline Miami & A Mini Rezzed
    9. CODBloops: Black Ops 2 is DX11 But Shuns XP
    10. Hacking Done Right: Quadrilateral Cowboy
    11. The Problems We Had With Windows Gaming On Linux
    12. Guild Wars 2's Trading Post Lives
    13. Food For Thought: Don't Starve
    14. Point & Spelunking: Latest Pics Of The Cave
    1. FARWACE
    2. This One's A Keeper: Maia's First Person Mode
    3. Gaming For Everyone: Game Accessibility Guidelines
    4. Planet Of The Japes: Plan M
    5. Cortés Command: Expeditions - Conquistador
    6. The War Z: Alive And Kicking?
    7. Dare To Be Deadpool: Marvel Heroes
    8. The Text Adventure Evolved? CYPHER
    9. The Secret World Pledges It's "Far From Done"
    10. The PC Is Undead: Guild Wars 2 Ascendant
    11. Sandman Mystery Theatre: A New To The Moon Episode
    12. Brothers Disarmed: Furious 4 Now Its Own Thing
    13. Sulaco-operation: Aliens - Colonial Marines Multiplayer
    14. It Doesn't Look That Summery: Neverwinter's Latest Trailer
    1. Cardboard Children: Libertalia
    2. Live Free, Play Hard: Ludum Dare 24 Special
    3. ! Black Mesa Source: A Release Date !
    4. The Sunday Papers
    1. Kickstarter Katchup - 1st September 2012
    2. Hang Up Your Cape: City Of Heroes To Close : (