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Legend Of Grimrock Dungeon Editor Hits Public Beta

Here it is: the moment you've been waiting for - well, if you're the sort who loves hurling your friends into devious deathtrap gauntlets filled with beasties of all shapes, sizes, and snail-nesses. And if you're not, I think it's safe to say that you're no friend of mine. At any rate, the - to briefly shift into press release parlance, except with actual sincerity - hotly anticipated more-than-350-item dungeon editor for Legend of Grimrock is finally right around the corner. If you've got the tough-as-nails dungeon crawler on Steam, though, you can give it a go right now.

Here's almost all of the words from Almost Human. Well, actually, only some of the words - which I guess would make it almost almost all of them. Yes.

"The Dungeon Editor is now complete except for one thing. And we need your help with it. Yep, I’m talking about testing. To participate in the beta you need to have a Steam account and the game installed on Steam. Why only Steam? Steam’s automatic update system allows us to do frequent incremental updates to quickly patch issues that may arise. Also we need to be able to isolate the development in a separate branch during the beta. In short, we can react to the feedback more efficiently and keep the beta as short as possible. After the beta has concluded the Dungeon Editor will be available on all available distribution platforms."

Joining the beta, meanwhile, is as simple as opting in by flipping a switch in Grimrock's properties menu on Steam. After that, frantically leap out of the way, because your PC will probably proceed to belch out a jet stream of searing flame. Full Steam Workshop support, meanwhile, is in the cards, and Grimrock Nexus is also now up and running.

So, in short, Legend of Grimrock will never end. Perhaps its greatest trap of all was luring you into its utterly compulsive depths in the first place. Actually, wait, no. That's not right at all. Sorry, everyone. It was the fire. It was definitely the fire.

Here's a short video of the editor in action. And here's a longer video. But the short one has a cow, so you should probably watch it first.

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