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Enter, Stranger: Legend Of Grimrock Reworked

For those of you that haven't tried out Almost Human's dungeoneering masterpiece Legend of Grimrock, shame on you, and a pox on both your houses, and oh fie is me, and please try it, it is nice. But for those hungry for more of the wonderful dank atmosphere, creepy monsters and surprisingly sexy stone walls, you can grab this new mod reworking the original maps whilst we await the second installment.

Komag over at Nexusmods has popped up to say:

This project began as a precise re-creation of the original Legend of Grimrock dungeon with all its puzzles and scripting, largely as an exercise in mastering the editor. As I neared completion of that monumental task, I asked myself "Self, aren't people bored of the original game by now?". So I figured, why not pull a "Zelda" and create a changed-up re-imagined harder version and call it the Master Quest?

There are some known issues (mostly with how dreams work and how the final boss interaction and battle works), but for the most part things will feel very familiar to the original game while offering a ton of fresh changes and cool extras to give you a revitalized Legend of Grimrock experience!

Feel free to contact me (official Grimrock forums) with any comments or bugs/problems you find, how you liked or didn't like the puzzles, clues, fights, story, etc, or anything else.

The modders have been knocking up a 'Legend of Grimrock on steroids' calling it Legend of Grimrock: Master Quest, in that they've put tons of new puzzles in, updated the dungeon designs, added story elements. There are stronger monsters (eep!) and more of the bastards to yell zoiks at, difficulty and XP has had a dramatic scale re-haul, and it's been made so that you can import your original dungeon Scooby Gang and go on more adventures. You can grab it here.

The mod team also employed the services of someone called 'Dr Disaster' to help QA the thing. What a legend.

Sounds like a beefed up Knightmare with more graphicsability. I can't wait to get started on this - though I have only just started the original. John (and by extension his dad) tells me I am in for a treat.

PS Every time someone says 'dungeon party' I think of all of my friends in a Legend of Grimrock backdrop with party poppers and wine. Now I also imagine Dr Disaster there with a party hat on, sort of a bit like The Fast Show's Unlucky Alf, in that he has just stood in a bear trap and then fallen down a well.

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Oh bugger.

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