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Level Gaze: Grimrock's Map Editor Is Looking Fantastic

Wow. I always thought Legend of Grimrock would be a natural fit for a map editor, but - given that it's a smaller project in a fairly cutthroat genre - I worried that it'd turn out to be prohibitively complicated for everyone except rocket scientists and RPS readers. Almost Human's released a video of the almost-complete Dungeon Editor in action, though, and it actually seems tantalizingly intuitive. I mean, it's no Perpetual Testing Initiative, but you can script some fairly complex stuff in a few clicks and try it out with a single button press. Throughout history, the existence of a cow level has been debatable, but soon, I will craft the snail level. Glistening bodies and chunky tendrils of mucus as far as the eye can see. Oh yes.

Cover image for YouTube video

So yeah, if it wasn't already apparent, I'm very impressed. It seems like it can be as simple or as complicated (and therefore, whistle-wettingly versatile) as you it to be, too. Speaking personally, I'll probably never use Lua scripting, but options never hurt anyone. Now, though, they get to hurt everyone, because they include things like "spike pit," "fire wall," and "tree monster army." Hooray!

Unfortunately, Almost Human still hasn't nailed down precisely when it plans on releasing the Dungeon Editor from the depths of its own snail-ridden development dungeon. But that's about the only real downside I can see here. And I mean, just think of the possibilities if this thing gets Steam Workshop support. I am actually salivating at the prospect. It's pretty disgusting. People are staring and stuff, too. I should probably go.

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