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Sulaco-operation: Aliens - Colonial Marines Multiplayer

I have fond memories of Aliens vs Predator 2 multiplayer, in which I most often played the part of a terrified marine, a coward really who should never have signed up, abandoning my team and shooting wildly at shadows whenever anything resembling an alien jittered across the screen. Shown at PAX Prime, Colonial Marines is bolstering its multiplayer offering with a mode which is inspired by Left 4 Dead. Four marines must escape, booking it through a level while player-controlled aliens, some with special abilities, attempt to eviscerate them. A trailer skitters in the darkness below.

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I like Aliens (although a great deal less than Alien) and I like Left 4 Dead, so is this the game mode that finally makes me excited about Colonial Marines? I don't know, because it's Monday morning and I'm incapable of feeling anything other than vague anxiety at the speed with which the weekend passed. Maybe I'll be excited later today, in which case the idea of being hunted by acid-spewing claw-beasts might well be responsible.

On the Left 4 Dead inspiration, Eurogamer quote Randy Pitchford at the Gearbox PAX panel thusly: "The last awesome asymmetrical game I really enjoyed was Left 4's really cool to have a franchise which really lends itself and almost demands us to bring asymmetrical gameplay back, so I'm really excited that we're doing that."

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