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Sci-Fi Folktale: Anna's Quest Demo

The demo for Anna's Quest contains a single puzzle that is solved in a few simple steps but there's plenty of dialogue to pad out the length. I ended up clicking through most of it, reading rather than listening, because I'd rather hear the voices in my head. If this were the nineties, I'd be opting for the unvoiced floppy disc version rather than the shiny, shiny CD. The setting is something of a Grimm mashup, with superpowers and speculative machinery thrown in alongside the witches and woods. Anna's special ability could allow for some clever puzzle design, but the demo, in its single room, is a bit too restrictive. Trailer below.

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The demo is here and the full version is available for $5. That five bucks gets you volume one of a proposed trilogy. I remember the free prologue having a more cohesive tone but it's entirely possible that my mind has enclosed it in gloopy congealments of its own imagining.

Via Indiegames.

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