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Cube World: Now With More Hang Gliders (And Cubes)

If, for some reason, all the world's game developers suddenly decided to drop whatever else they were doing, take up gleaming blades and blood-rusted cudgels, and engage in an orchestrally-scored melee brawl for the ages, I feel like the mighty Voxel Army would win based on sheer numbers alone. These days, there are zillions of the things, and of course, no one knows why. That said, Cube World continues to intrigue me - perhaps by way of loading itself down with incredibly specific things that I like. Puppies? Sure. Monster-Hunter-esque giganto-battles? Yup. And now hang gliders, because... well, let's not question this idea, lest it become frightened and scamper back into the magical woodland from which it emerged.

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So there are actually quite a few new things to keep an eye out for here - foremost among them, co-op multiplayer. As Wollay explains in a new blog post, sprinting's now in, as is the oft-requested ability for blows to stun enemies. Full-fledged dungeons are also (naturally) part of the picture, and you can evidently hang glide inside them. Apparently rare zones with stronger enemies and better loot and zones with more varied terrain (for instance, lava) are also on the way.

Obviously, there's a lot here. My biggest concern is whether or not it can all fit together coherently. I mean, I see voxel-shaped strokes of Monster Hunter, Zelda, Minecraft, and Diablo in this video alone. So hopefully, Wollay can stitch all those individual threads together - lest we end up with yet another diffuse, unfocused sandbox. (Which is not to say I don't also appreciate those. I do, however, think we already have plenty of them.)

It's still set to be playable by the public "when it's done :)", and Wollay seems pretty adamant about taking that road to release over, say, an open-to-the-public alpha. I'd pass the time by actually hang-gliding with a puppy, but I think you need some kind of permit for that.

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