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Classified Information: Cube World

Every development update makes Cube World's differences from Minecraft more apparent, although it's not too far removed from what I imagined the adventure mode of Mojang's game might be - a block-based world of exploration, combat and questing. As if to prove that it's more RPG than survival sandbox, Cube World doesn't just have character classes, it has the most traditional set of character classes that the world has ever known. Are you ready for this? I'd advise holding onto any hats, sitting down if at all possible and swallowing any beverages that may be in your mouth. Cube World lets players be warriors, rangers, mages and rogues. But wait, there's more!

Each of the classes will have a choice of specialisations, which can be switched when in a village and provide different abilities. If you're going to be facing a hard-hitting boss monster, it could be useful to switch your warrior from berserker to guardian, for example, so that he is more capable of soaking up and deflecting damage. Here's the list of specialisations so far, with pictures:

Warriors can be Guardian or Berserker.
- Guardians have increased health and defensive abilities.
- Berserkers profit from war frenzy, which increases their attack speed with each hit.

Rangers can choose between Sniper and Scout
- Snipers are specialized on accurately aimed range attacks.
- Scouts are more mobile are good in mid-range combat.

Spirit Mages specialize on fire or water spells.
- Fire Mages can shoot firebolts and fireballs to burn their enemies.
- Water Mages can cast water drops and water splashes. The resulting water puddles heal friendly targets.

Specialization: Rogues can follow the way of the Assassin or the Ninja
- Assassins ambush enemies using stealth attacks.
- Ninjas are specialized on evasion and counter attacks.

These are the first four classes in the game, so there may be more added before release. There's still room for clerics after all.

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