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Vox Rox: Some Cube World Video To Make You Happy

I have a headache and I'm tired, so I should be a right misery guts. And I was, right up until I saw the cubic camels in the latest Cube World video. The block-based RPG gets more and more winning everytime I see it, so right now it's at peak winningness. What's new since the last time Adam glared into bright colours of the blocky adventure? Classes, crafting, pets. The usual RPG bling, but presented in the loveliest package I've seen in quite some time.

I just want to wander through it. Developer Dr. Wolfram von Funck (aka Wollay) has taken the Minecraft aesthetic and created a world that Miyamoto would be proud of. The hang-gliding section had me pawing at the screen, then the world map pops up and shows the scale of what he's making. It looks like there's a huge world to explore, and there are camels to ride while you do. I will definitely be grabbing a pet camel when I play.

Pay particular attention to the crafting section: it looks like you'll be able to customise your equipment using modular blocks. He draws a thin line of cubes around a part of his staff. I am positive I will be able play without turning my staff into a giant winkie, because I wouldn't really want to be responsible for such a crude assault on Cube World's charm, but I'd avoid asking me to play co-op with you. Just to be on the safe side.

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My Magic 8-ball release date generator says: Not Yet. Damn.

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