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Everyone On Earth Talks About AC III's Connor

I counted. The latest Assassin's Creed III "Inside" special features seven billion different human beings. And also George Washington, who counts as one man, one myth, and one legend. It's a fairly intimidating roster, to be sure, but the whole production is quite ably done. The topic at hand today is none other than exotically named half-Native-American main character Connor, and there's actually some pretty good insight to be found here. Do games need development staffs large enough to eclipse the sun with a printout of their credits sequence? I'm not so sure. But I can certainly see some of the benefits.

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So that's a lot to chew on. Happily, this series continues to be shockingly good at filling in the cracks of its increasingly zanier fiction with little details. For instance, Connor's history-book-hopping bloodline might be a bit too convenient, but I like that Ubisoft's not half-assing his heritage. When he's around his own people, he speaks his native tongue. That alone probably took a fair amount of time and manpower to sort out, but Ubisoft went for it anyway.

That said, I'm still wondering how they'll handle Connor's quest for star-spangled justice without turning him into Boringpants McSourpuss. I mean, Ezio was all over the place, but at least he had a relatable sense of humor sometimes. Connor, though, seems a lot more straightforward - almost like Altair 2.0. But even if he turns out to be a bit ho-hum, I suppose things could be worse. He could be Desmond. Really, I think that's a good mantra to apply to life in general. Everyone could be Desmond.

At any rate, Assassin's Creed III is PC-bound on November 23. Consoles get it sooner, but let's be honest here: waiting might be rough, but it builds strong people. George Washington waited with his diseased, starving troops for six brutally frigid months at Valley Forge. Then he became President. What I'm saying is, buying Assassin's Creed III on PC will probably make you President.

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