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War On Geometry: Super Hexagon Coming To PC

With his new iOS game, Super Hexagon, I've just realised that Terry "VVVVVV" Cavanagh has a plan, and it's to achieve immortality through drinking the tears of broken souls, bent over electronic torture devices screaming his name in fear and fury. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. Super Hexagon will be coming out on PC. You will hate him too. Hate. There's a trailer after the jump. Hate.

How's your Monday morning going?

See that triangle in the middle? That's you. Avoid hitting walls for high score.


Cavanagh took some time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from the reddit hivemind yesterday afternoon. In the IAmA subreddit, an informal interview arena where any redditor can field a question, Cavanagh revealed that Super Hexagon has been a success on the iPhone, selling 10,000 copies in three days, and that he has plans to bring the currently iOS-only hate generator to other platforms, including Android, PC and Mac, with the PC version coming in as soon as in a fortnight's time.

That is two weeks. Two weeks to prepare.

Super Hexagon is currently occupying a frankly bizarre space in gaming as the game's creator is currently highest on the leaderboard by a relatively large distance. With the infinite amount of time and talent the internet throws at these things, that may give some indication at just how challenging the task at hand is. After all my wittering, it's still a fascinating thing to torture yourself with, the short form attempts perfect for an iPhone game - as long as you tap out before you snap the thing in half. It's also one of those exercises in patience that rewards you through ace music, which as always is a good a carrot as any to keep playing.

One of the reddit questions, about the previously hate-inducing Veni, Vidi, Vici room from VVVVVV that drove Kieron to develop psychic powers all that time ago, has a particularly telling response:

Veni Vidi Vici had to exist, basically. I didn't make it because I thought it would be fun, or because I thought anyone would honestly want to do it. I made it because the world demanded it; because it was a logical place for the design to extend. It's funny; I kinda thought of it as the worst part of the game when I released VVVVVV. Now I think it's probably the best.

I hate him again.

Super Hexagon is currently out on iPhone and iPad at the knock down price of $0.99.

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