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Humble Android 5 Also On PC, With Added Hexagons

Here's a clever idea: instead of paying £30 for a game, or getting it for free then buying lots of little extra bits, or helping to fund it pre-release, what about paying what you want for it? For instance, as part of a bundle of other games? Next big thing, you mark my words.

Team Humble's just gone live with its first ever experiment using this payment model. For some reason they've put a '5' in the title, but I'm pretty sure that refers to how many cups of tea they drank while putting it together. They've also put 'Android' in the title, even though the games are all available on PC too. Silly-billies! Read on to find out the contents of this bundle - oddly, the most famous name in there is one of the optional bonuses rather than at its core.

I've put in links to any coverage we've had on these previously, if you can bear it.

Beat Hazard Ultra, by Cold Beam Games - a musicky shmup
Dynamite Jack by Hassey Enteprises - a Bomberman-y action adventure
Solar 2 by Murudia - a sandbox space-tinkering thingy
NightSky HD by Nicalis- physicsy platformer

If you pay more than the average price, you get the godly/ungodly Super Hexagon and tower defense RPG Dungeon Defenders too. The games are available on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and you can spit your donation between devs, organisers and charities. It's all over here.

Here's a slightly odd trailer for the bundle:

Cover image for YouTube video

Guy sounds a bit drunk? Nothing wrong with that, I'm just jealous. I'd love to be drunk right now.

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