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Moody: Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams Out October

Project Giana, the 25th anniversary homage to/evolution of The Great Giana Sisters, has a proper, actual name now. If I have a child, I'll insist that the wailing bundle be referred to as Project Baby for the first six months of its life, and only then will I name it after a popular chart musician of the times. Project Giana has become Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, the post-colon words referring to the platformer's dual realities, which can be flipped at any time. From fluff and nonsense to tentacles and spikes. The video below shows it all in action and the game is actually out on October 23rd.

Giana Sisters wasn't so much Kickstarted as Kickfinished. The developers claimed they could released the game by October if they managed to raise the $150,000 that they needed to achieve their goals. They offered a demo to show the progress they had made and they were clear about what needed to be done and when they could deliver.

Well, by my reverend eyebrows, they've only gone and stuck to the schedule and it looks like an attractive piece of work. The proof shall be in the pudding, of course, and the pudding in this case is a fairly old-fashioned platformer with a twist. The twist sits in a big office, the one where a publisher would normally be smoking a cigar and cackling like a banker. Who'd have thought it? A platformer that was outlawed in olden times for being a Mario clone, was released on Nintendo DS in 2009 and now, in 2012, has a full sequel, built on PC and temporarily exclusive to PC, free of publishers.

I think I'll wear my crowdfunding cape today. Not content with being an actual thing that exists, Twisted Dreams would also quite like to be on Steam and, for that reason, has a Greenlight page.

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