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Good Griddance: GRID 2

I know about as much about racing cars as I do about building cars. Both jobs are better left in the claws of robots than in my own incapable hands. However, I have watched and scrutinised two pre-alpha videos of GRID 2 in order to pick out the most important details. Both videos have cars driving around quite fast before any collisions happen and when they do happen they are bumps rather than crashes. That's the most important thing of all because if I'm not encouraged to drive into other vehicles within twenty seconds of pressing 'new game', chances are I'm going to be rubbish at GRID 2.

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The mild collisions suggest the driving is reasonably safe. Nothing flips over and there are no dramatic wounds of war, not even so much as a wobbly wing mirror. Furthermore, the trees on the coastal track are alluring and the area seems tranquil. And yet I worry. The driver's position on the bonnet rather than behind the wheel is cause for concern. Is he leaning through the windscreen and controlling the car with his feet? That surely can't be safe.

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GRID 2 is at the Eurogamer Expo, which is happening right now. The developer session is on Saturday afternoon at 3pm, which is not right now.

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