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Everybody Expected It - Dragon Age III: Inquisition

BioWare have just officially announced Dragon Age 3. It has, of course, already been discussed in public as long ago as April, making an official announcement a touch silly. But it does at least have a name now. Dragon Age III: Inquisition, and it will be made in the Frostbite 2 engine. Which if you were of a curt enough mind, you might describe as the first full Dragon Age sequel.

Of course, we already knew the name too, albeit in a list of possible candidates that were leaked last month. That leak also told us it would likely be set on the continent of Orlais, with a heavy emphasis on a schizm within the mythos' most interesting aspect and history, the world's dominant and dominating religious organisation, The Chantry.

That's not been confirmed by BioWare today, and they're not planning to say anything useful for a while. Nor have the probably also true rumours that the player will be a member of the Inquisition, with a number of choices of how to approach the game. However, we do know that the original Dragon Age: Origins team are working on the game, and have been for a couple of years already - those are promising signs, after what was obviously meant to just be an expansion pack got painfully stretched out into a first sequel.

PS. This makes an interesting time to note that after we wrote our story detailing the leaks posted on NeoGAF, we were contacted by a third-party marketing company, sending us a vaguely legally threatening email demanding that we take the information down. We didn't, of course, and it does rather seem to have proven to be true! (We were also slightly amused by this email actually confirming that the list of possible subtitles we had posted as a rumour were in fact definitely true.)

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