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Dragon Age: The Possible Ensequelling

↑ that logo is a fake, sorry.

With Mass Effect now concluded, at least until the inevitable announcement of a new trilogy, a first-person shooter and a free-to-play god-knows-what, and SWTOR currently being fitted into its microtransacted iron lung, all eyes turn to the core Bioware team's next roleplaying move. The smart money is surely on a new Dragon Age game, and tiny wee scraps of hint have seemed to support this. Today we got significantly more than tiny wee scraps, as an alleged survey allegedly leaked by alleged specially-selected community members offers all manner of alleged potential details on a third Dragon Age game.

Survey details come via - where else? - NeoGAF, and suggest that the French-ish continent of Orlais is likely setting for DA3. If the plot description is to be believed, Orlais will be divided by civil war, with even the land's leading church The Chantry at loggerheads with itself. In the midst of all this, demons invade, as demons are so prone to doing. The player, meanwhile, is claimed to be a member of the Inquisition and, rather promisingly, would have a range of different ways to approach the game: "Choose the direct method and gather your armies, send spies into the shadows or engage in a political war, make friends and use your connections indirectly: it is up to you how you lead the inquisition."

It's Game of Thrones, then. Smart decision, say I. Unless... unless that means a grindy meta-game that involves Facebook and an iOS spin-off and that sort of time-wasting. I'd just like to play the game, please.

But remember, none of this is proven, and even if this is real it may not come to pass as is, as the survey appears to be gauging interest in this setup rather than definitely promising it. There's also this list of possible/alleged/etc Dragon Age III subtitles:

Inquisitor; The Breach; Exarch; Apocrypha; Inquisition.

My vote is 'Dragon Age 3.' Bloody subtitles, who needs 'em?

Also rumoured/alleged/etc is the above logo [EDIT - the logo at least is a fan-made fake] and assorted potential companion art, as seen here.

I am well aware I might be posting total bullshit, but I'm doing it anyway because this does sound like it could get Dragon Age back on track. I'd really, really like that.

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