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No Reused Levels: Details Of Dragon Age 3 Emerge

Rumours are flying that Dragon Age 3 might be something more like the sequel to Dragon Age we've been hoping for. After Dragon Age 2 came out feeling more like a side-project, BioWare have dropped some hefty hints that they're looking to redress much of that in an unannounced third game for the series. At a PAX East panel, as spotted by Eurogamer and recorded by Gamespot, Dragon Age developers discussed what a hypothetical game might contain, were it to exist, which it currently doesn't, but obviously does. It's to be a far more varied game, with new locales, and decisions that carry over from previous games.

Beginning their talk with a disclaimer, Mike Laidlaw explains that they're talking about ideas, not specific products. Which is to say, because the game is unannounced, they're working under the rather odd pretence that by not saying its name, they're not announcing it's in development. It's in development, but they want to stress that everything is "work in progress".

Having asked for feedback on DAII, the strongest messages in the voluminous replies was that players wanted BioWare to stop reusing levels, feature decisions that matter, and to once again allow equipment for followers.

Regarding the first matter, they loudly promise, "WILL DO!" along with a pledge to stop putting wheels of cheese everywhere. With suggestions of more open, varied, and interestingly, "French" locations, an avoidance of Kirkwall and an acceptance that DAII was ludicrously claustrophobic, suggests a lot of new environments and variation coming soon.

When it comes to decisions that matter, they emphatically agree, and the big news is that those decisions will include those from previous games. What those are they're considering to be spoilers at this point. But there are also suggestions that the player's decisions will have a much more meaningful impact on their experience, and the direction in which things head.

And yes, there will be equipment for followers. I mean, I guess it was weird that it was missing, but of all the things to make the largest fuss about it seems low on the list of issues with the second game. That's clearly not the case for a lot of players, and the jacked up, cos-playing PAX audience seemed to be rather in favour. It means your party can look how you want, which, er, I guess is nice? The dolly dressing features may even extend to changing colours and materials.

You can watch the full ten minutes about this here:

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