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Dragon Age: Inquisition mods give Solas and Blackwall festive makeovers

The Dread Wolf (be)comes (a jolly Christmas elf)

Have you ever wanted to dress up two of the most treacherous Dragon Age: Inquisition companions as Christmas dorks? Well, now you can! A modder has made Christmas-themed outfits for Blackwall and Solas, turning them into Santa Claus and his little elven helper. That's right, you can now dress up a literal God and potential big bad of the future Dragon Age games as a merry red and green-clad lad. It's what he deserves.

First up, here's Santa Blackwall, made by modder "Emma Vakarian-Theirin". It's pretty much just a recolour of his basic armour and hair, giving him snowy white locks and a bright red coat. But, is he actually Santa? Or a disgraced soldier pretending to be Santa who'll abandon you later down the line because his moral compass started spinning wildly out of control?

Dragon Age: Inquisition's Blackwall dress up like Santa, complete with white hair and a red and white coat.
No one tell the Inquisitor that Blackwall is neither a Grey Warden nor a beloved Christmas figure, you'll make her cry.

No Santa is complete with a helper, of course, and thankfully Thedas is full of elves. And also would-be elf gods. Here's Santa's Elf Solas.

"After making my Santa Blackwall mod, I thought, 'He needs an elf helper, doesn't he?' And figured it would be funnier to stuff [Solas] in an ugly sweater rather than Sera," says the modder. "So here he is, as jolly as ever!"

Dragon Age: Inquisition's Solas wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and frowning.
"I suspect you have questions."

Admittedly, I quite like his sweater. Again, this is his usual outfit but redesigned with the festive patterns (which I actually quite like).

I'm all for this. It'd be great if we could get a Santa's helper Sera too - ooh, and a reindeer Iron Bull! I already find Dragon Age: Inquisition quite a Christmassy game, though I think it might be that the first section is very snowy. It also might be because most of the Dragon Age 4 news we've gotten so far has come in December during previous Game Awards streams, like last year's Varric tease.

More recently, last week BioWare confirmed that the next Dragon Age would be a "single-player focused experience", and they released a couple of short stories to celebrate Dragon Age Day.

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