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BioWare's new Dragon Age 4 trailer teases the return of Varric

Solas is there too, obvs

Here we go again. BioWare have revealed yet another tiny trailer for Dragon Age 4, but unlike the many before it, this time there's actually some solid info to take from it. We get a look at a new setting (which absolutely looks like Tevinter to me), an evil pouty Solas, and better yet, it sounds like everyone's best dwarven bud Varric is back - literally, it's him narrating the trailer. Listen to his delightful storytelling for yourself in the trailer below.

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Judging from all the talk of a "new hero" - one without "a magic hand" - it sounds as though this Dragon Age will be keeping the same formula as the others, and introducing a brand new player character to make their mark on the world. Some characters will likely be making a return, though - or at least it seems like Varric will be. He says he got our backs, which I am absolutely delighted about.

Further from that, we get a glimpse of the this game's new setting. To me, that is Tevinter. Tevinter is a place we know from conversations in previous games is basically mage-land, so the many magical floating things and mysterious buildings imply heavily that's what we're looking at. Also, the snakes. There are snake motifs all over the place. It has to be Tevinter.

Then, of course, we have Solas looking all dark and edgy and pouty. God I can't wait to fight him.

My only concern at the end there is that it's entirely possible the name of this game is simply Dragon Age, rather than Dragon Age 4 or some other subtitled name. Don't do it BioWare, I beg of you.

Head over to the Dragon Age website if you fancy taking a look at what's been teased so far, as well as some lovely screenshots from the trailer above. I'd say to go there for more info usually, but you and I both know there's not much more there.

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