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Total-er War - Shogun 2 Now On Steam Workshop

Modding's been a bit of a sore spot for Total War fans in recent times, but Creative Assembly - to its credit - has spent the past few months fixing up that rather glaring crack in its series' armor. And certainly, Total War: Shogun 2's dedicated (and not-entirely-uninituitive) map editor was a nice start, but people demanded more. More breadth, more tools, more tiny virtual ant men throwing away their tiny virtual ant lives in the name of history. So Creative Assembly listened. Specifically, Shogun 2's now packing full Steam Workshop support, some seriously upgraded map-making tools, and a brand new "Assembly Kit." Find out about all the new ways you can make sweet, sweet war to your friends after the break.

Creative Assembly debuted the new modding suite in a blog post, noting that there are now tools for editing databases, altering unit appearances, exporting scripts, and building mod packs, among many other things. On top of that, the old mapmaker's back and more robust than ever:

"TEd, the previously released battlefield editor for Shogun 2, has had an update allowing the creation of historical battles, and integration with the Steam Workshop to allow users to share their creations more easily."

"In addition to these tools, we are also announcing full Steam Workshop integration, including a mod manager, active as of today - allowing the creation and uploading of user-made Shogun 2 mods. If you’re not a modder yourself, you’ll be able to browse the library of modifications uploaded by other users as they’re uploaded."

Thankfully, Creative Assembly's also built a new Total War Wiki to serve as both a resource and community center for players and modders alike. And finally, to celebrate all of this, Steam's having a gigantic series-wide Total War sale. So have at it.

It's an impressive assortment of content-generating knobs, levers, and doodle-whatsits, to be sure. And now, it's time for a sudden flood of totally insane Total War total conversions, because modders are the best kinds of crazy people. So then, where/when would you like to wage absurdly large-scale warfare?

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