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Total War: Shogun 2 is free to keep right now

Freebie alert

Saddle up, Samurai. Total War: Shogun 2 is blowing the battle horn—or bashing the giveaway gong, rather. This week you can snag the war strategy sim set in feudal Japan for free because Creative Assembly (and everyone else) would like you to stay home and play video games if you're able instead of frolicking about in public during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Alongside the giveaway, a handful of other Total War games are going on sale.

If big strategy battles are you jam, you're in for a treat. Shogun 2 is one of the best strategy games on PC according to the RPS hivemind. "Set during Japan’s warring states period, you are put in the samurai war flip-flops of one of the many warlords struggling for control of the islands during the 16th Century, and it gets hectic." say we.

"The campaign is paced with shrewd finesse: if you throw your weight around too much, the Shogun himself will paint a target on your head, and everyone will come at you like estate agents after a plate full of money."

Some of y'all down there in the comments said after last week's announcement that you'd be looking forward to this particular giveaway. Here's your helpful reminder to don the war gear. Shogun 2 also has online co-op, so this would be a swell time to nag one of your strategy-curious friends into trying it out with you.

Creative Assembly are also having a general Total War sale on "selected historical Total War games and DLC." Three Kingdoms, Rome, and Warhammer are not among the bargain bin, alas.

Shogun 2 is free until this Friday, May 1st at 18:00 BST. After that it will join the rest of the sale at a 75% discount from its normal price until May 4th at 18:00 BST. You can find the whole Total War sale on Steam.

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