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Save up to 75% on Total War games with Humble's Total War week

A Total War on deals

If last week's chat about Total War Saga: Troy has got you itching to dip into The Creative Assembly's back catalogue of Total War games, you're in luck, as Humble are holding an entire week of Total War deals right now. With savings of up to 75% in some cases (plus a very tasty 25% off last year's excellent Total War: Three Kingdoms), there's plenty to get excited about. So let's sharpen those deals swords and dive on in, shall we?

Indeed, it's not just mainline Total War games that are on sale as part of Humble's Total War week, which runs from now until 5pm BST on Sunday 14th June, as there are plenty of DLC packs and expansions with sliced and diced prices as well, making it a great time to bolster your favourite Total War game with extra content if you've yet to take the plunge.

For budding Three Kingdoms players, for instance, there's 25% off the main game, and 20% off its Eight Princes and Yellow Turban Rebellion packs. Alas, last year's Reign of Blood pack is still full price (albeit at a meagre £2.50 in the UK), but at least January's big Mandate of Heaven expansion is currently 10% off to help make up for it.

You can also get Total War: Warhammer for 75% off as well as its excellent sequel Total War: Warhammer II for 66% off. There are plenty of great deals to be found on Warhammer-based DLC, too, as there are six Warhammer I packs available for 50% off, and a mixture of 25-50% off deals for the six-strong Warhammer II bits on offer. To browse the full list, just head to Humble's Total War week landing page.

If fancy dipping into some slightly older Total War games, then there are plenty to pick from here, too. As well as 75% off Total War: Attila (plus 66% off seven of its accompanying DLC packs), there's 75% off Total War: Shogun 2, and 75% off Total War: Medieval II's definitive edition, which comes with its massive Kingdoms expansion bundled in, adding 13 new factions, four new campaigns and a 1v1 multiplayer campaign mode, to name just a few. Find more in the list below:

Strangely, there are loads of DLC packs for Total War: Rome II on sale, but not the main game itself. Instead, you'll have to shell out for Rome II's Emperor Edition if you want to make use of the discounted DLC packs, which still costs a full £30 / $50.

Still, apart from that one bum deal, there's a lot to like here if you're looking to build up your Total War collection on the cheap. And don't forget, there's still two hours to take advantage of their great value Cities: Skylines Humble Bundle, too, while you're at it, so don't miss out if you've been sitting on the fence. For more details on what's in the bundle, check out our Cities: Skylines bundle news post.

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