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Henry Cavill could be making a Warhammer 40K TV show with Amazon

Update; Games Workshop say they've "reached an agreement in principal" with Amazon

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Amazon are close to signing a deal with Games Workshop to bring Warhammer 40,000 and its grimdark futuristic universe to TV streaming. Hollywood Reporter say that Henry Cavill, recently-dropped Superman and former Geralt Of Rivia, is involved as an executive producer and potential series lead. The rights to Warhammer 40K are reportedly hotly contested among the rival streaming services, with Amazon spending months negotiating the possible deal with Games Workshop.

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No writers have been signed up to the project yet, and there’s no showrunner. Henry Cavill always seems to be trying to make some game-related project happen, such as sharing blurry photos of himself reading a Wikipedia entry for Mass Effect 3 on Instagram and calling it a “secret project”. This time, along with Cavill, production company Vertigo Entertainment are also attached to the project. Vertigo are already working with 2K on the BioShock movie for Netflix, which found a director in August. Mojang and Vertigo are partnering to produce a Minecraft movie too, so they’ve got a few game-related projects on the boil.

Although he was let go from being Superman earlier this week and won't be returning to Netflix's The Witcher show, Cavill’s a long-time outspoken Warhammer fan and general all-round loveable nerd and we appreciate him for that. Even if Amazon don't close the deal on Warhammer 40K for their TV streaming service, Cavill’s already made his mark on another part of that universe through PC games. Back in 2020, Creative Assembly tipped their hat at the actor by dropping him into DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 as a high elf loremaster. It seems Cavill’s dog Kal has even turned up in The Witcher 3 as part of this week’s next-gen update, too. Aww.

There’s nothing more that's concrete about Cavhammer 40K yet, but I’ll let you know if ol’ Vitamin H signs himself up for it.

Disclosure: Nate (RPS in peace) writes Warhammer books for The Black Library, Games Workshop's publishing division. Alec Meer also did some writing on Total War: Warhammer 3.

Update (December 16th, 12.28pm GMT): Games Workshop have put out a statement today that they've "reached an agreement in principle" with Amazon for the Warhammer 40K show to go ahead.

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