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Total War: Warhammer is free on Epic this week

City Of Brass is free again too

This week's big free game on the Epic Games Store might have two sequels by now, but it's still a good'un: it's Total War: Warhammer. You have one week to claim the start of Creative Assembly's strategy trilogy set in Games Workshop's fantasy world of WH0K. Epic have also brought back a previous freebie, the first-person stabber City Of Brass. A tidy haul for the small price of using the Epic Games Store.

Cover image for YouTube videoWhat is Total War: WARHAMMER

The game they really should have called Total Warhammer is somehow from 2016? That doesn't sound right. Game's three years old, tops. Our Total War: Warhammer review at the time thought it was a great Warhammer game but not so great a Total War game. Reader dear, do tell us all: how do you feel about it now, after years of patches, not to mention two sequels with different campaign structures?

You have until 4pm on Thursday the 7th of April to claim a free copy of Total Warhammer from the Epic Games Store, and then it'll be yours for keepsies.

Fighting skeletons in a City of Brass screenshot.
More like Skell-no-ton.

Also free this week is City Of Brass, a pretty first-person whip-o-stabber from 2018. Bit like Prince Of Persia with traps and an "Arabian Nights-themed" setting and such. John thought it had promise during early access but I don't know how it turned out. Epic gave it away in 2019 so you might already have nabbed it but if not, hey, it's here again. Head here for that, with the same deadline.

Once these giveaways wrap up, the next freebies will be decent roguelikelike platformer Rogue Legacy and first-person investigater The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter. Ethan's been free before too.

Looking for more freebies? Check out our list of the best free PC games to play in 2024.

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