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Totally Teutoburgic: Tons Of Rome II In-Game Footage

You've been told plenty about Total War: Rome II, but you haven't seen all that much of it. Not in living colour, full motion, high-resolution video with digital sound and smellovision. How the heady scent of historical battle fills my nostrils! It's just like my office is filled with sweaty Roman loincloths. But then again, when isn't it?

These narrated 11 minutes of man-stabbing cover the same scenario our Jim reported on from GDC - which is to say the battle of Teutoburg forest, in which a bunch of German chaps rather unexpectedly gave three Roman legions what for.

This video features All The Men and also All The Trees, so I would very much recommend watching it in HD fullscreen, if your ISP and/or internet device allows it. It'll also help if you can smear yourself in horse dung and obtain a few severed limbs to scatter about the place. It's not mandatory, but I won't consider you a serious student of Total War if you don't.

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Trad. disclaimer - early footage so don't necessarily take any element as final. But, even so, that is some pretty epic warfare right there.

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