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Spare A Thought For The IndieFort Bundle

The new IndieFort bundle over at Gamersgate is like a pick and mix stand, allowing purchasers to select three, six or nine games from a selection of 24. Three for £2.49, six for £4.49 or nine for £6.49. There are a few obvious savings, with Telepath RPG: Servants of God and Air Buccaneers valued at £17.95 and £24.95 respectively. There are deals to be had then and some decent games in the selection, including the two aforementioned, Dark Scavenger, Cardinal Quest, and Tiny and Big. The deal runs for three weeks and starting from the 21st it'll be possible to vote for your favourite three games. The winners will be sold in a $3 pack. There's a trailer below that shows all the games in action

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Like any pick and mix, the choices include some unidentified confections, the ones that tend to be in overflowing containers because no one has decided to try them yet. I don't know what Devil Whiskey tastes like, for example, although judging by the name it's what my mouth tastes like after a particularly heavy night out. Brimstone, fear and sin. Ordinarily that particular RPG would cost £19.95 but here it could be part of your cut-price selection.

If nothing else, it's a cheap way to get hold of Air Buccaneers.

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