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What On Earth Is Dark Scavenger?

One of my favourite jokes is making up genres. Generally I pick two or three that seem unlikely to work together, inevitably beginning with "turn-based", because it's the unlikeliest approach to many other types. Which makes the description of Dark Scavenger, announced today by Psydra Games, beyond intriguing. They're calling it a turn-based combat point-and-click adventure. Wuh?

"Players fill the role of a powerful space traveler, guiding the character through hundreds of dramatic scenarios using a dynamic text-based encounter system."


- Forge 100+ unique Weapons from items discovered on your journey.
- Deep, dark fantasy narrative filled with dozens of unique characters!
- Tactical turn-based combat and epic boss battles!
- Experience over six hours of gameplay, encountering beautiful hand-drawn environments and enemies.
- Multiple ways to approach each situation ensures a different experience every playthrough.


Oh thank goodness, there's a video.

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